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The land of orphaned chairs (my basement)

12 days ago
last modified: 10 days ago

Our first house was formal, with a formal DR ... and hence we chose a formal Kindel DR set. Ever since we moved to CT, which has a less formal DR that is more like a greenhouse. So that table was de-leaved and used as an entry table, and the chairs have been orphaned in our basement.

Meanwhile, here is our DR in Maine:

I want to try to use the orphaned chairs from our old DR (below) in Maine. We host dinners there fairly often, and play games. The chairs we have in Maine came with the house and they are not that comfy. My Old DR chairs are very comfy. I think I have 8 side chairs and 2 arm chairs. Here is the old set in our first house ( we may have taken a leaf out in this pic, as I only see 8 chairs and I think we have 10).

So here are my questions:

First, assume the tables are ~ same size or can be, based on how many leaves we choose.

Second, assume we trade tables and use the fancier one here in Maine and switch it with the one we use as an entry table.

Third, assume the pillows and windowseat cushions can change if need be. I'd rather not change the wall color (light gray with, I think brown undertones? Can't recall the name.

ETA - I plan on slipcovering my old sidechairs, the tall ones with a sleigh back, in white duck (surprise!) like these are.

1. Is there any universe where the curlicue armchairs would work in this setting? If not, what kind of chairs would you get for each end?

- would you consider a lacquer paint for the Windsor ones that are in Maine now?

2. If you think I can use the curlicue armchairs at each end, would you

a. Slipcover them, too?

b. Reupholster them in a print?

c. Reupholster them to match the side chair slipcovers, and then use a lumbar pillow in a pattern?

d. Use the curlicue as occasional chairs against the wall flanking the buffet, and use two more sidechairs at each head, but distinguish each of them with a lumbar pillow?

Thanks in advance.

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