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water seeping up through well water line

3 months ago

We are in MN. We have had an unusually wet fall/winter. Our sump pump has been running every 3-4 minutes for the past 2 weeks. Our sump discharges into underground tile that goes out to the ditch in front of our home. For the last 5 days we have had water seeping up the tubing that encases the well water line onto our concrete floor. It is a slow trickle, non the less, concerning. We have talked with several well companies and from what they are telling us, the well is functioning properly. Due to the continued water, we recently switched the sump discharge tubing to extend into our yard to ensure the water is being directed away from the house. This has resulted in the sump decreasing in frequency to every 15 minutes.

Does anyone know what our options are to take care of this water seeping in issue?? I have heard everything from using a backhoe to dig up around the foundation, to sealing the hole that encases the well water line…