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Basement with half wall--insulation questions

12 years ago

(This is my first post on gardenweb, so if I'm doing it wrong, let me know)

We have a large basement that I hope to start renovating soon. The rear wall, which faces southward, is half concrete, half framed (it's a lookout basement on that side). When we moved in last June, the basement was half-finished, and quite poorly. As in Holmes-on-Homes bad. I've since unfinished the basement, but that's a subject for another posting...

I have two questions about the insulation for the basement:

1) Last summer, we found condensation and more recently we found minor surface mold on the outside of the vapor barrier (on the vapor barrier on the side facing the fiberglass bat insulation between the studs). There are numerous holes and loose edges of the vapor barrier, and I plan to replace it this spring. Will that be sufficient to prevent future condensation and mold? If not, what more needs to be done?

2) The sole plate for the framed upper half of the back wall is pressure-treated pine, and appears to be sitting on a thin layer of fiberglass insulation. There's also a bead of some sort of caulk or silicone or *something* along the crack where the sole plate rests on the concrete, and it has separated along the entire length of the entire wall. Given the sole plate is PT pine, do I need to worry about there not being some sort of gasket between it and the concrete wall? And should I be concerned about the falling-apart caulk?

Ok, so that was more than two questions. I've uploaded a picture of the worst spot of mold and a close-up of the sole plate here:

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