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Brown recluse

13 years ago


The fear expressed in this thread is fascinating to me. I have lived in southcentral Kansas for over 35 years, and from day one here have dealt with brown recluse spiders. As jean001 says, when they are endemic learn to live with them. I have raised four kids in that period of time and NONE of us have ever been bitten with our constant, unrelenting infestation in several different homes.

Brown recluse spiders try to avoid us. That is why they have the moniker "recluse." I admit, at present I have twenty glue traps throughout the house that I change every four or five months; they are usually covered with them. I am not a person that likes chemicals inside or outside of my house. Glue traps are cheap and effective. I have sealed my house well with caulk, insulating strips, etc. but somehow those suckers still get in. The glue traps are the thing that keeps 99% of them from ever being anywhere else except "stuck." I do not fear them because I put the traps in the farthest, darkest, most remote reaches of my house where they instinctively go and they find the traps; and again, they don't want anything to do with movement or light and avoid us.

Live with them, trap them, and move on.


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