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Is this a Brown Recluse infestation?

8 years ago

We just moved into a BIG building (gym size) we are living down stairs and have sprayed Demon to kill all the bugs but upstairs is used for storage, it has no lights or air and is full of boxes ect... I went to start cleaning up there and saw many spiders all the same kind every time I moved a box or somthing they would scatter. In that one day I saw about 20 so I got alittle concered and came to google ...then I took my camera up there to get a few pics. Attached is a photo of one of these little critters, but every spider I saw were the same as this one some were larger than others but all the same kind...I went to buy sticky traps just to see how many we were dealing with. I put out 8 traps in an area of about 2000 square one week I've caught 12 spiders. My my question is .. could this be an infested building and if so what should I do...Should we spray the Demon up there too or will that make them move down stairs ...Thanks Alisa

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