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The First Hard Freeze is coming...

12 years ago

We know it's coming. Here in DFW area it's come during the first 10 days of Dec. for a number of years. Funny, I walk through the garden and it looks spectacular! Everything is green, rarely do I water even though we haven't gotten much rain. The Blue Dawn vine took over the passi incense and the zinnias have never looked better. Even the begonias look their best.

Still...the clock is ticking and while the plants may not know it's coming I do. The Big Dig has begun another year. How many lemon lollipops and cuttings of almond verbena and the big brugs can I fit in the greenhouse?

It's sad and still I'm sticking in anemone giants and other little bulbs...moving a "shrubnant" remaining remnant of a camelia or other one-stem wonder into more shade and waiting for the leaves to much everything.

Where are those caladium bulbs anyway? Gotta get them dug and hope to find time to get it all ready to roll when that surprising forecast comes right on time...again.

If you read this far I know you understand

sigh moving to the dark side...


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