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Hard Freeze last night, and 3, indeed, 3! daylilies tried to blo

12 years ago

I went out today and it was 28 degrees and we had had the first hard freeze of the season.

Three dayllilies had tried to bloom:

Hot Lave ...not very hot today:

Blueberry Breakfast: It was actually frozen when I touched it:

And Man of Sorrows: Looks pretty sad, doesn't it?

Then, a few hours later, I looked at them again. Hot Lave was a little more open, but still not much to look at:

Man of Sorrows looked even worse:

But look at Blueberry Breakfast! It was frozen (you can see ice crystals in the first picture) and it was a fused bloom (first one ever for me on it) and still made it almost all the way open.

What an outlandish daylily year this has been.

And I took a picture of the iris (zinnia) bed with a couple of "flying flowers" the day before the freeze hurt or killed them.


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