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Homemade squirrel baffle (pics) is working great!

14 years ago

I was having a horrible problem with squirrels scampering up my 4x4 post and feasting on the buffet of seeds and nuts that I put out for my feathered friends, as well as destroying my feeders. Hubby made me a squirrel baffle, and I am quite pleased to say it has foiled the squirrels (so far!!).

We went to Tractor Supply and bought a 24"x 24" heavy plastic tray (the kind that goes under a rabbit hutch) for $14.00. Hubby used his jigsaw and cut out a square hole in the center...he then slid it down the post upside down. The center of the tray is supported by 2x2 pieces of wood mounted to the post, and the corners are suspended by heavy gauge fishing line. The tray has grooves which work great for channeling water off. It is also doubling as a feeding platform which the birds love.

Here are a few pictures:

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