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Really frustrated with neighbors cat

I hope i can get some advice here, i love watching the birds that come to my feeder and birdbath. Ive never had a problem until my neighbors son moved back home with his cat, who he leaves outside all day. I had a rottweiler who kept the cat at bay, but she passed away and now im finding this cat hiding in my plants, sitting near the feeder, hanging out by my koi pond, and almost everyday my new puppy finds a dead birdie this cat leaves in our yard. I spray the cat with the hose when i catch it, but am not sure what i can do, as my neighbor insists that his cat just loves to be outside! Ive even tossed the presents the cat leaves after my pup finds them back into their yard, but they dont seem to be as bothered by it as i would be. Worse, i just feel awful that the birds i love watching and feeding are bein stalked by the cat. Aghhh!!! Any advice is welcome. My only thought so far is to catch the cat and take him to the humane society, and claim that ive found him. But i like my neighbors...

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