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New to birdwatching, want to verify bird id

14 years ago

Hi everyone!

I have recently discovered the joy of birdwatching and am hungrily devouring information on identifying birds. This afternoon I spotted a new (to me) type bird on the ground near my feeding station and I think it's a Northern Flicker and wanted to see if I was right. I figured who best to ask than the birdwatching forum here at Gardenweb?

The things I noticed about the bird are:

Large-ish size, about the size of a grackle, morning dove or large blue jay, approximately 12 inches.

Long bill, put me in mind of a woodpecker.

Coloring was brownish, with a very distinctive red cap on it's head and black stripe on face. Body was a brownish color with flecks of white visible on wings.

I put that all together and checked my birds of Pennsylvania book and have come up with the identification of Northern Flicker. Am I right?

I managed to snap a not so good photo through my window screen.

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