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Need Help With Two Bird Id's No Pics :( Sorry

16 years ago

Hi everyone i hope you can help me without pictures. I have been spotting to very different types of birds and they have me so curious and i cant find them on the Internet and it is giving me a headache. LOL... I know we have some very knowledgeable birders here and i need your help. The first bird has light yellow throat and belly with a beige or grey back and wings with one or two black wingbars and seems to have taken a liking to a bluebird nest box, which the bluebirds are very upset about. LOL....The second bird is smaller like maybe a sparrow but im not sure could be a warbler. It has a very distinct chestnut brown stripe from its nose to its back (like a mowhawk) and seems to have white or grey over its eyes and white cheeks with dark grey or black lines under the cheeks that make it look like it has little jowls and it was looking in the bird house too. When it calls it sounds like a very high pitched squeak. These two birds stay in the grass and are very fast and chase each other a lot. I have not seen either at the feeders. So they must eat insects. Any ideas? Thanks so much :-)


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