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feeding birds has created a tree damage problem

9 years ago

I am absolutely sick with nausea....what has been my greatest joy this spring has just turned into a big problem and I am sick about it all.

Last fall, I purchased a large $400 Sunburst Locust for my front yard. It was replacing a huge old maple tree. I decided to splurge & get a larger tree, since we saved $ by taking down the old tree ourselves. The new tree has a 4" trunk and had lichen all over the trunk and limbs.

In late winter, I started filling a bird feeder half way between my kitchen window and the tree. I started making my own suet and we enjoyed downy woodpeckers, hairy woodpeckers, red-bellied woodpeckers in addition to many song birds. I learned which was which as they started to come, along with all the nuthatches, chickadees, cardinals, etc...

However, the woodpeckers seemed to be pecking at the lichen areas of the new tree. It seemed fairly scattered and light on the tree, so I didn't get too concerned and I kept working on filling feeders, etc...I was beyond elated to have rose breasted grossbeaks last week (I had never seen them before in my life.) Yesterday we had a yellow finch couple visit for the first time. My whole family is enjoying the birds and we've even given a few of them names. I spent a lot of money on bird seed last week.

Yesterday, on the opposite side of my new tree, I discovered a huge spot of woodpecker damage that has covered more than 1/2 way around the leader branch of the tree....and there is scaring on the other side. It is so great that the tree guy said it may kill the tree.

I am now having to find ways to REPEL the very birds I have just come to love. Plus, I may have knowingly allowed damage to come to my big tree investment, if not death.

My plan is to put reflective tape/foil/cds, that sort of thing in the tree and to move the bird feeders away from this area to a far spot in my yard (where we won't be able to see the birds at the feeder)

I have been awake since 3:30 this morning just sick at the complete all around loss...the loss of the bird enjoyment, the bonding of my family around this topic and now the idea that I may have killed my $400 tree. And even if that didn't matter, I could replace the tree...we have done more plantings around that tree which would have to be moved out if a new installation were needed....right now, we've had so much moisture, we couldn't even have a truck in our yard to move out the tree...

What should I do?

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