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Need Bird ID Again--Small Yellow and Black Bird

13 years ago

I'm back needing help identifying a bird again. Today I saw this tiny little bird for the first time. He was feeding on a sock thistle feeder in Central Texas. I think a couple of these pictures show a pair of them. I think the male is the black and yellow one and the female the greenish one. She looks sort of like a goldfinch but the color is wrong and the markings on the back feathers is wrong. They were each only 3 to 3 1/2 inches long--4 at the maximum. Here are 4 pictures. One isn't real clear but the best one I got that shows the back. The yellow on the face starts just below the eye. I thought it was a warbler, but have searched all over the internet and cannot find a warbler picture with these markings. They were very pretty and I was really excited to see them. I saw the male later in the day on a bird bath. Wish I had gotten that picture because you could see him much better.

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