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Bird ID help please!

Lynn Nevins
15 years ago

I live in NYC. Today I saw a bird that I've never seen before...

He was somewhat small...smaller than a titmouse, but bigger than a finch.

His overall color was a very uniform tan...similar to the overall shade of mourning dove. But again, the bulk of this tan color was very uniform, unlike a mourning dove.

He had black rings around his eyes. His beak appeared to be tan and somewhat thin and somewhat elongated.

From the side, the edges of his wings were black, and the rest of the wing was black and white striped...somewhat similar to say a downy woodpecker's black/white stripes.... and it seemed that along his throat, and maybe along the edges of his wings, I saw a slight tinge of yellow.

The bird was solitary.

He was very taken with my thistle tube feeder.

Any ideas??


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