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Suet feeders, recipe/ratios, warding off chicken hawks

14 years ago

I've read many discussions on suet recipes, but unable to find anything related to ratios of ingredients.

This is my first attempt at making suet...I feed wild bird food year round, though not much action this time of year. I'm in Wisconsin, in the city.

I warmed the lard on the stove, added a jar of peanut butter, some dried prunes, stale sunflower seeds, quaker oatmeal, and cracked peanuts from the shell, and some wild bird seed. I forgot to add sugar and oil, but I'm assuming the oil in the peanut butter will suffice. I left the mix outside in a pan to harden in the colder weather. Not sure if I used too much lard.

I have a suet cage that I've only recently tried, with store purchased suet. I just put it out this winter in a location I haven't previously fed the birds in, and so far, no action in over a month.

We also have chicken hawks aka another name I can't think of, but the foliage from the trees in the summer usually gives my other birdies shelter from these hunters. Since winter, I've seen chicken hawks twice hanging out by my bird seed feeder, and picking through seed from the ground there. I don't want to feed my birds, making a meal of them for the chicken hawks. Anything I can do? The only "sheltered" place I have for them is by my window where I have the suet cage, but like I said, no action.

How do I make a suet log? Or, where can I find one? I don't recall seeing them at our local hardware store, but then again I wasn't looking. If I try to make my own, do I need to incorporate perches?

And, where/how do I store the remaining suet? Can I freeze the unused portions?

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