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help! neighbor causing 12' stream of water in my yard

17 years ago


I live in a house I bought 4yrs ago. It is over 30yrs old.

My neighbor has had his water draining into my yard over the

past 3 yrs (and the 30 yrs b4 I got here)causing 12' streams of water thru my back yard. Last summer I told him to reroute his drainage pipe from flowing into my back yard to the streets drainage ditch in front of his house. After several months he finally did but now I and still stuck with the damage that has occured from him doing this and/or the previous owner. Does anyone know if I have any rights to get him to fix the grade in my back yard to correct the

problem from the years of damage. I am installing a pool in

the next few months and I need to get this taken care of. Has anyone had this problem or similar and had any luck getting the leaky neighbor to correct his ways?? Thanks for any and all information. Suggestions on how to fix by my self would be appreciated as well. I am thinking about a berm?? or trying to regrade from the house down..... THANKS!!

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