Help me hide neighbors yard, please.

8 years ago

I hope you don't think I am hogging the forum, but I am trying to get so much done right now and my knowledge of plants for Texas is thin. When I did my intro I explained that I have recently bought a house in Texas and am so happy to be back to my home state from the frozen north. Sadly my plant knowledge is all northern and doesn't translate well to my warm sunny home.

I love my new-to-me house, except for the neighbors on one side. They seem nice enough, but they are hoarders. Not joking, truly they are. Thankfully the yard is only partially over run - 3 non-running cars filled with stuff, a storage building, a trailer, and lots of fencing/lawn equipment/etc spread around. We knew it when we bought the house, but it had too many other positive qualities for us to pass it up. Sadly one of the worries of "country living" is the lack of rules about what to do with your property (also one of the best benefits of country living). I thought about running privacy fence along the property line all the way up to nearly the street, but that seemed extreme, expensive, and would probably be seen as pretty rude by the neighbors. So I have decided that some nice big plantings are in order.

The area runs from full morning sun to dappled morning sun. I need something that won't be a water hog because it is out of my way to water it. It will also be planted right along the not-normally-used access to the drive through gate that opens into the back yard ( nothing bigger than a lawn mower will go back there except for construction, pool remodel, zombie apocalypses, that type thing). I need to be sure that whatever I plant there will either not grow very deep (as in length width height, not deep into the ground) or will be somewhat forgiving of the occasional swipe of a truck. Obviously quick growing and large are in order. The space is about 50 feet long but I wouldn't have to have a continual wall, just the illusion of a line. And near year round blocking would be important.

I have been admiring some of the huge grasses that are used heavily in this area, but I am not sure if that is a great choice for this or not. I am also not sure about the upkeep required of them. If I went with a giant grass could I leave the growth up through the winter and cut it back in the spring as new growth appears? Or am I not even close to how these work? Better ideas?

Thank you so much!

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