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new construction causes water woes for neighbor

16 years ago

Well, a new home was built between our house and a neighbor's house. There are 11' side setbacks which places the homes 22' apart.

As they were beginning to stake the home footprint we and the other neighbor spoke to the construction project manager and expressed our concerns that the foundation was being set too high, in fact higher than the elevation of our 2 homes. He went back, determined we were correct and matched our foundation heights.

We also mentioned that the homes on our block would have had a problem with water drainage if the lots had not been graded from front to back so the water would have a natural flow to the lake. Some of us have also had to install french drains and also create a shallow swale in order to direct the flow of rain water.

He said he understood and would make sure there would not be a drainage problem for our 2 homes.

Guess what!!

We had our first heavy rain yesterday. We didn't have a problem, but this new, still uninhabited home lost all of it's bedding mulch on our side of the home and the neighbors on the other side had their side yard flooded. The front yard of the new home had a lake about 20' across and 5-6 inches deep.

This manager told the new owner that the water problem on our side was caused by water shooting off our roof clear across 22' and causing massive runoff.

The other side flooding problem is because the parking pad slopes to the neighbor's yard and to the front yard of the new home. He told the new homeowner it would be her problem to correct the problem at her expense.

I resent this man starting a problem by blaming us for the flooding on our side. And I think it's trreibly unfair of the builder to pass the cost of correcting this problem on to the new owner.

The project manager had been forewarned; he should have graded properly and didn't.

No solution, but I just needed to vent about people who don't own up to their mistakes.

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