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How to block water draining from neighbor's yard

17 years ago

Our lot for our new house is highest at the back and is designed to drain to the front (ditch) and drains properly. The house built behind was supposed to do the same (highest in back draining to their front ditch, but drains from the front of their house slanting back, so that most of their water drains under my fence to my backyard.The only solution I can think of is to build a raised bed across the back to block the flow of this water gushing in under my wood fence. I was thinking of flashing or gutter material, vinyl or roofing material placed down a few inches into the ground at the fence and then coming up about 4-6 inches to the bottom of the fence, then adding bags of dirt to cover the flashing and keep it pressed against the fence. Then I would need steel, brick, or some sort of front border since it would be raised above the sod. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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