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Thankgiving Seed Swap. Get started early.

18 years ago

Fall is here and our plants are producing seeds, seeds, and more seeds. This is a chance for you to have more variety in your garden and share your favorites.

Here are the rules:

1) You can send as many packets of seed you would like, but no more than 5 packets of the same variety.

2) Send the packets by the end of October. That way I will get them in time to get them back to you by Thanksgiving.

3) You can list the category or names of plants you want or don't want. (For example: I want herbs and showy pink flowers, but no veggies please.) Be as specific as you can, and I will try to match your requests, limited by the seeds people send in to trade! I also try to send seeds that are appropriate for your zone.

4) Follow the golden rule. Send in a generous seed packet like you would like to receive, at least as many as you would get in a quality commercial pack. Fresh, 2005 seeds only, in good condition, no mold, etc. A little chaff is OK as long as there are seeds in the pack too.

5) Send your seeds in a bubble envelope. You will get the same envelope back with your new seeds. Include your name and address, a list of the seeds you sent, and the same amount of postage that it took to mail your package.

6) I really had fun doing this last year, although it took some time to match up people to seeds. Everyone have fun gathering and packing your seeds and making out your wish list!

7) 10% bonus! For every 10 that you send, you will receive at least 11 packets in return.



Lydia Roach

1150 Bakers Ridge Road

Morgantown, WV 26508

(I know I'm not supposed to do this, but if you can't trust garden folk, who can you trust?)

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