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Help! I started me seeds too early.

Okay, I am not really sure what I was thinking but I started a bunch of seeds right around new years day. Not sure if it was the warm weather, the fact that my wife and I just had twins and I was feeling like giving birth to plants or maybe it was the lack of sleep from just having twins. Either way I now have a couple dozen sunflowers that are between 4" and 8", some tri-color beans that are 10"+ and various lupines and larkspur around 3" to 4"...and it's not even February yet.

I can put the beans in some pots but looking closer at the seed packets I see they should be ready for picking in..oh...about a month. What do I do? pollentate the flowers with qtips?

I thought about a cold frame but it would have to be a few feet tall for some of those sunflowers I think.

Any thoughts...other than that fact that I'm an idiot? lol



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