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INexpensive ready-made worm bin source?

15 years ago

Where can I find an inexpensive ready-made worm bin? I really don't want to make one. This will be a present, first off, secondly, I lack the tools to make one. Plus, I want it to look good enough to be a gift, so with my skill level in carpentry and/or rubbermaid alterations (hole-drilling), I know better than to make it myself! ;P

Every source I've found online is a bit too pricey for me, especially once I add in shipping charges and the cost of worms (this time of year, I wouldn't be able to dig them up). I did try a local bait shop as a possible worm source, but they didn't have much this time of year either and recommended the ones they carry in summer.

Most of what I've seen on Ebay or websites run around $60 to $100 just for the bin itself. Are there any for a more reasonable cost? Say, $30 to $50, worms and shipping included?

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