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Kitchen Compost Material, how to manage it?

John 9a
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

I'm in the early planning stages for a remodel project which will turn a room space into a kitchen. I'm making a list of utilities and other services I need to provide in the kitchen. The home is about 1,500 sq. ft. and is outside of city limits so I don't have codes to deal with. I'm also on acreage so I have space around the home for a lot of things.

The house will be my retirement home and I'm single so I don't generate more than maybe one small bag of trash weekly. I hold food scraps out of the trash so it won't attract gnats, roaches, mice, or create odors by the end of the week. At my previous home, I just carried any scraps, banana peels, apple cores, vegetable tops, out to a wooded area and tossed them there for critters to eat or to decay. I had fruit trees so the material frequently was placed around my trees.

That's a long intro but hopefully it adequately provides the circumstances. I want to consider other ways to keep organic material disposed of daily without needing to go outside if it may be cold, rainy...whatever. Here is one method to compost inside one's home but it seems fraught with problems. It has air holes for ventilation...and probably will release odors and probably will attract roaches, gnats...who knows. It also has drain holes for liquid to drain into a pan that would appear to have similar problems and will need to be emptied...maybe daily? I live in a humid area, Eastern Texas, and humidity is already a concern without poking a box of scraps under a cabinet.

Ok, here is the method:

Apartment Composting

BTW, I am on an on-site sewer (septic tank/field line) and food disposals are not recommended for such systems.

My sister-in-law uses a bowl with a tight lid but it get's pretty rank if not emptied regularly.

I wonder if I might install a 4" PVC pipe and build a nice opening so I can drop material in and have it drop into some kind of outdoor receptacle/compost pile....but it would seem to have to be a little closer to the house than I would want.

Do any of you have a tried and true way to handle your kitchen waste?

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