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Syracuse area roses to give away or trade for ? :0)

16 years ago

Hi all....

My husband and I grow quite a few rose bushes....many different kinds. We want to add a few specific ones in the spring, namely Romanticas, but in order to do so, we need to give away a few as well. They are healthy and I don't have the heart to just throw them away! Planting them into your prepared gardens this fall would be good...we've done so very successfully in the fall.

We grow especially for bouquets...and these ones are good quality, with high ARS ratings, but either don't last long enough in the vase for me, or just don't "float my boat."

The ones with an * next to them are grafted onto multiflora rootstock....the best kind for winters like ours.

Bride's Dream* (fragrant light pink hybrid tea)

Just Joey (fragrant apricot hybrid tea)

Henry Nevard (fragrant dk. red hybrid perpetual-reblooms)

Lagerfeld* (fragrant lt. mauve grandiflora)

Heirloom (fragrant mauve hybrid tea)

Apricot Nectar *(fragrant apricot floribunda)

Margaret Merrill (fragrant white floribunda)

Anvil Sparks*(fragrant red/orange/yellow striped hybrid tea)

If you are interested, let me know, and we can make arrangements for you to come pick them up. If you have something to trade, great, but I will GIVE them away FREE with no hard feelings, if you don't! You'd want to plant them quickly afterwards though! I'm in Baldwinsville, just about 15 miles outside Syracuse.

:0) Phyl

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