Heirloom/Antique Roses and Rose Cuttings for Trade

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Hi- I am "editing" my roses (to make room for more, of course)! I'm in Georgia (between Athens and Atlanta) and will happily trade my container plants/cuttings to anyone nearby or I can also mail cuttings. I can try mailing plants too- if anyone is interested.

Here's what I've got:

*Souvenir de la malmaison - have 4 established plants, from rooted cuttings last year, all are about 2.5' wide by 1.5' tall, 2 gallon containers. Light pink, quarted bloom, EXCELLENT for me in South.

*Monsieur Tillier x 1 - 5 gallon, Med. Pink, Great Performer!

*Perle des Jardins x 1 - 5 gallon, Soft Yellow

*Rugosa Therese Bugnet x 1 - 2 gallon, Mauveish pink

I also have cuttings of:
Monsieur Tillier, Maggie, Baronne Prevost, Souvenir de la Malmaison, Duchesse de Brabant, Perle des Jardins
Souvenir de Mme. Leonie Viennot (FABULOUS CLIMBER), Mme. Ernest Calvat, Village Maid (Rugosa centifolia variegata), Honorine de Brabant, Perle d Or, Kronprincessin Viktoria, Baronne Henriette de Snoy, Mme. Joseph Schwartz, Marchessa Boccella/Jaques Cartier, Rugosa Therese Bugnet, Rugosa Hansa

I'm looking for:

Mrs. B R Cant
Charles de Mills
Madame Isaac Pereire
Madame Hardy
Rock Hill Peach Tea
Louise Odier
Madame Plantier

Or any gallicas, moss roses, and/or damasks.

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