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GOM:: it's Miss August 's turn!

14 years ago

It's Miss August's turn, this month: Deb (Momcat)

Let's all have fun, spoil Deb and make this a great month for her!

We'll be having a little question and answer session for her month and by the end, we'll all know her a little better.

Each question will have two parts and each part will have points. The second part having more points. The winner with the highest points for each question will win a prize for that question.

At the end of the month, everyone who has played will receive a little something whether you've won any questions or everyone ready???

Here is the updated GOM list as some of the original group are no longer playing!

Debbya...Deb...Miss April

Lindaruzicka...Linda...Miss June

IShareFlowers...Lisa...Miss July

Momcat...Deb...Miss August

Canyonwind...Annie...Miss September

Happyseed...Sonja...Miss October

UNCGardener...Kara...Miss November

***And then for the month of December, we will do a swap amongst the above super group of seven GOM......parteners will be decided in the Fall!!!!

Remember shipping date deadline is the 25th of the month!!

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