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NEW: ~~~~ Spectacular Spring Seed Swap~~~~

15 years ago

Welcome to the NEW Spectacular Spring Seed Swap!

Here's what to do: We will offer alot of new seeds (including ones from my collection) and each person will be given free seeds (for the price of postage).

Here are some of the details...

1) Sign up today! I will respond with the details...

2) Send as many packets of seeds as you would like, but please send no more than 15 packets of the same variety.

You can send up to 300 packets of seed total.

3) Here are the ideal amounts of seeds per packet:

Large Seeds 10+, medium 20+, small 50+, tiny 100+.

4)Send either a self addressed envelope or send a label and enough return postage to send your new seeds back to you. Remember, if this swap goes as well as anticipated, you'll get more back than you sent in!

5)You should send seeds fresh for 2009. If you have a wish list, you can either post it in this thread or send it to me, and I will do my best to grant your seed wishes! If you have category preferences you can also generally list, flowers, vegetables, mix batch, ornamental grasses, etc.

6)I will email you with where to send the seeds to. The seeds need to be in by May 20, 2009. I will send the seeds back to you after that date, as soon as I can, some, I may send earlier if received earlier than the deadline.

So, welcome friends and welcome newbies, this is open to everyone! If you are interested, please let everyone know here, then email me at for further details.

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