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Bloom Buster Seed Swap

12 years ago

Hello everyone! I will be hosting the Bloom Buster Seed Swap. I had done it a few years ago and had so much fun I want to do it again if anyone would like to participate!

The Bloom Buster Seed Swap (BBSS) will consist of seeds from plants; flowers, bushes and trees that have flowers. They can be any color or class.


~Minimum of 5 packs. Extras are welcomed and will be divided among everyone.

~ You will receive an equal number of packs that you send in. Example: You send in 5 packs, you receive 5 packs, you send in 10 packs you receive 10 packs...PLUS any extras that are sent to share! :) Last time I had a number of people who were sending in extras and everyone received almost double what they sent in!

~Please insure that all packages are labeled correctly.

~Everyone MUST use viable seeds. Please insure you aren't sending seeds that are no good. How unfortunate to get a lot of seeds that wouldn't have a fighting chance?

~ Please insure there is decent amount of seeds in each packet. For rare seeds are hard to find such as Bird of Paradise then 5+ would be understandable. Other typical seeds please aim for 25+

~ All packages must include SASE!!! If you would like your same envelope reused please be sure to use small labels or writing on the package so that I can write over them with labels.

~ Please include a wishlist. While I can't guarantee what we will get I will do my best to match your favorite plants and colors.

~ All seeds must be mailed no later than April 15th. Seeds will be sorted and shipped back out with in 3 days.

If you are interested please post below so everyone can see who is participating and send an email to

Can't wait! :)

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