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Need opinions on my first SF garden layout

14 years ago

This is my first year planting a vegetable garden and I was hoping to get some feedback on my layout. I built three 4x4 ft square foot gardens just like in the book and each one has a 5 foot high trellis on the north side made out of electrical conduit and nylon trellis netting. Do the plant layouts make sense?

(I have a picture but I can't figure out how to get it posted here)

garden one (row 1 is against the trellis and the -- represents a new square)

(row 1) Tomato--spaghetti squash--sugar baby watermelon--tomato

(row 2) Broccoli--bell pepper--bell pepper--bush beans

(row 3) carrots--bell pepper--bell pepper--chinese cabbage

(row 4) mint--sage--radishes--beets

garden two(row 1 is against the trellis)

(row 1) tomato--:peas Zucchini peas--tomato

(row 2) spinach--eggplant--eggplant--spinach

(row 3) butterhead lettuce--bibb lettuce--baby romaine--spring mix lettuce

(row 4) mesculin mix--little gem lettuce--loose leaf lettuce--mesculin mix

garden three (row 1 is against the trellis)

(row 1) tomato--canteloupe--cucumbers--tomato

(row 2) leeks--cilantro--dill--basil

(row 3) parsley--scallions--chives--oregano

(row 4) All strawberries

PS- for anyone in the Western NY area, Menne's Nursery in Amherst has the 4 cu ft bags of vermiculite.

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