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My 2008 SF Garden - looking for suggestions

15 years ago


I am new to this site and my first time with SQFT garden. I will be building (2)4x8 or (1) 4x16 whatever works best in my small back yard.

If you guys with heavy SQFT experience look at my SQFT Garden plan in the link below (copy and paste to your address bar) i will appreciated.

what i am looking is for comments as far as spacing, location of vegetable, etc. I am trying to minimize the error percentage so that i end up with the highest amount of sucess.

Also I want to use compost and compost tea as fertilizer. If someone can tell a time table for the addition of the compost and compost tea that will be great. I was thinking a little bit of aged compost around the plants twice a week, and compost tea once a week.

If you have any other suggestions as organic fertilizer i will like to hear it and the time table. I have been thinking when stores take all their garden merchandize out to look around for organic ferliziers avaliable on shelves.

Here is the link of my vegetable garden plan, of course tomatoes facing N. (well is more like North North West to be exact).

By the way, i am planning to grow cucumbers on the grass as usual so they don't block tomatoes from the sun. Earch tomato plan will grow in a 1x2 area, and planning to use the extra space for smaller stuff is possible like scallions and radishes, etc.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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