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Getting Started~My first layout question!

12 years ago

Hi all.

I am beyond excited because I just met with our cabinetmaker yesterday and work should begin by the beginning of September.

I am posting the architect sketch (very rough) bc I have a question and I need some opinions from the gurus:

Cabinetmaker is concerned about lack of counter/work space to the right of the range. I agree. He proposes changing the adjacent double french door to a single. That would allow for more counter space and also possibly a 36 inch range rather than a 30 inch range. Drawback is the loss of a door's worth of light and less openness/airiness.

One pro to this situation is I could paint the single door black? I've saved this photo from "Dotcomgone"'s kitchen forever just because I've always loved her use of that black door....

Your opinion?

Thanks, as always!


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