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UPDATE: Acres Edible Swap # 11

12 years ago

Howdee there

Here we are again at the end of my yearly swap. So glad to have the 21 who participated. This was a trying swap for me with my surgery recovery not as quick as I thought and my almost two lovely weeks of jury duty. I made it though. I really truly hope everyone will be happy with what I sent back. I do try my best with what I am sent and what I contribute . :) I hope some of you understand the package count my be down from what you sent due to the size of mailer you sent. I know by hand or have looked up everything sent so if any one has any questions please email me. I am going to be away till Tuesday Hubby has decided we both need a vacation so we are off :)

You are more than welcome to email me or post here when you receive your mailer.

Happy Gardening


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