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update: acres edible 20 swap update

16 years ago


Well the swap is up and running great. I have received several mailers from some of the 22 people I have signed up. For you singned up this here will be the post you get the info and update from (smile)

Here is the list of people I have signed up so far. If you are signed up twice let me know or if I messed up on your name

1. Patrob

2. susandonb got mailer 6 packs seed

3. lindanmarie

4. Strmywhr3 got mailer 20 packs seed

5. flowersandbirds4ever

6. Farbaholic216

7. Tomaotebob_va7 got mailer 20 packs

8. Tod65 Seed-to-to-seed-garden got mailer 20 packs

9. Boballi got mailer 20 packs

  1. Skyblue52
  2. Prairiemoon2
  3. Jakier123 Got mailer 16 packs
  4. Moonphase
  5. Granilege Got mailer 20 packs
  6. dougnjess
  7. Ganesh108
  8. Clay_lady
  9. northernmich
  10. grovespirit
  11. asaylor
  12. Northerngirlz3
  13. garden fever girl

I will keep you all posted when mailers are received. Getting some great seeds in. Get those mailers in the mail


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