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WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

15 years ago

New Wanted Swap! You will look at members who sign up for this swap list, then choose items from their list to send them. Please make sure it is on someones want list, ALTHOUGH extras can be sent in and be given at random. The plan is to have seeds sent in from your want list, I can not predict how many will come for you. So if you send in 150 then you may only get 60 sent in for you. IF there are enough extras sent in I will make it up, if not I may not be able to cover you. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS, my stash IS limited at the moment. Remember, this is based on the packets sent in to you, although I would like for it to be fair I have no control over who sends to whom, OR how many extras may be sent in.

1. There will be no limit on the amount of seeds you send in. However, they must be marked with the person they are for, either by a number they will be matched too OR their GW name, extras that maybe included could be placed in a zip baggie with EXTRAS listed on it. This will be used to fill in any gaps there maybe in make-up returns. IF you do not want the number you send in returned to you then PLEASE let me know in your package.

2. You will get the seeds sent in to you UNLESS there are 5 packs of the same thing THEN they will go in a duplicate bowl and distributed among everyone.

3. You will have until Jan. 31 to sign up and the envies must be sent to me by Feb. 20 this will give everyone time to update their list.

4. YOU MUST HAVE A WANT LIST!!!! IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU HAVE ON YOUR HAVE LIST BUT THE WANT LIST IS A MUST! Otherwise no one will know WHAT to send you! IF YOU PLAN TO SIGN UP PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE YOUR WANT LISTÂyou will have time to update BEFORE sending but PLEASE at least have something for us to look at.

5. This will be for packets received only, I will Âtry to match your returns with the number you send in, HOWEVER, I have no control over the number actually sent so you may only have a few packets sent to you, which will be available for return. UNDERSTAND THIS IS A ÂGIFT TO OTHERS SWAP.

6. Please send in a bubble envy with enough postage to send back to you. If it cost you 4 stamps to send to me then please include at least 4 stamps back. MY POST OFFICE IS ONE THAT TENDS TO OVERCHARGE HOWEVER (irks me too!) But I will handle that I guess.

7. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SEND IN TO ME BY FEB. 20th I plan to have these back to you by March 7 before then IF everyone sends in on time. BUT I would really like to have them back to you no later then the first week of MARCH. MAKE SURE YOU UPDATE YOUR LIST AFTER YOU RECIEVE FROM ANY OTHER SWAPS YOU ARE IN UNLESS YOU WANT DUPLICATES OF WHAT YOU ALREADY RECEIVED.

8. HAVE FUN!!! If you have a specific question you may ask it here.

9. Limited or HARD to come by seeds may be a lower number, but if you have plenty of something please include a good amount just in case some have trouble starting seeds. Large seeds of course 15 to 25 would be ok, like bean seeds. OK?!

Also this will give you some time to get some things Winter Sown and maybe you can share some of what you might have left over and it will allow you to receive some more last minute wants in time to STILL winter sow them!!!

OK, marking seeds for the person they are intended for, you can either tape them to an index card and list the seeds such as:

1. Dianthus "Siberian Blues"

2. Aquilegia/Columbine ÂRuby PortÂ

OR you can type them to a sheet of paper with your list

OR you can simple place them in a baggie with a list and name of whom they are for.

OK, I think I have covered a lot, I hope! Please sign up! Thanks, I look forward to hosting for you!

---------------------------------------Original Post ABOVE---------------------------------------------------

---------------------------------------Added Swap info BELOW---------------------------------------------

NOTE: When your mail you bubble mailer to me, you also need to include an address label for returning to you and a list of what you sent in so I can make sure NOT to resend your seeds back to you if there are any extras to send back to anyone.



REMEMBER GET YOUR TRADE PAGES STARTED IF THEY ARE BLANK, and those of us who are in the other swaps we will be updating a little later so let's try to wait and send in until we can check those members list.

Those of us who are in other swaps will POST TRADE PAGE UPDATED when we change our info!

NOTE: No one needs to start sending out until around the 7 or 8 of Feb, that way this will give them time to look at those of us list that have been updated from the other swaps.

SO PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR LIST ARE UPDATED AS SOON AS YOU CAN GET THEM DONE BEFORE MAIL OUTS STARTS!!!! IF you don't mind getting doubles of something you already received then PLEASE leave it listed as a want!

I will do my best to make sure you get as many back as you send in. ALSO if you want all flowers or all veggies or a mix then make sure I know this too so I can send you back what you are really wanting.

I would have my trade page updated by no later then Feb 10. This still gives everyone time to check your list and mail to me. I would like to be able to mail your envies back to you by the last week of Feb. IF some of you will be a little late sending to me this is ok, BUT I would really like to get them back to you by the 1 first week of March.

I want to add that anyone can add to their list as much as they like. It was suggested in the other swap group 9as suggested by agirlsgirl, Thank you dear great idea btw) to post the date you newly updated like if you added Carrots: Purple Dragon and Carrots: Thumbelina and Artichoke: Globe you would post your update like this:


Artichoke: Globe

Carrots: Purple Dragon

Carrots: Thumbelina

This makes it easier on those who have already checked your list to find your updated information.

Ok, about marking packs for someone else. I suggested using an index card and writing down the seeds with the persons # number and name on the top BUT this is not mandatory, you can put them in a baggie is you wish like those sandwich baggies that either fold over or zip lock. IF you use the fold over baggies make sure you secure them so that the seeds don't fall out and then you can tape a piece of paper to the baggie with the person name and #number example: #1 NCGardengirl this will let me know who it is for.

Be SURE when you send your seeds in you let me know your GW name and your number assigned to you because I will be going by the number list we have going. It just makes it easier to look at the number then try to hunt a name. Which is the reason I also am asking you to use the number# assigned to each person.

Again, if you have questions PLEASE ask them.

It was suggested to me that we should hold one of these swap more than once a year. Would there be any interest in may having another one? Possibly every four months? Schedule would have to be worked out later. If you think you might be interested in something like this please EMAIL me about it.

Ok, in this swap Everyone WILL get what is sent in for them UNLESS:

1. They remove it from their list AFTER it was mailed in.

2. Say I have Mexican Flame Vine on my list 5 ppl send me 10 seeds each of this plant... I DON'T need that many and 3 other ppl asked for it and no one sent any in for them I will allot at least 1 pack each to the others and MAYBE keep 2 for myself. IF however someone should receive 5 packs of the same thing I will dole out 2 packs to them and put the rest in a extras bowl to give to whoever MIGHT like them.

OR I will be posting games and use those extras as prizes IF ya'll would like to play games in this thread.

3. If they specifically tell me NO doubles.

REMEMBER you CAN send in extras if you wish, MEANING NOT DEESIGNATED SPECIFICALLY FOR SOMEONE. THOSE will be put in a bowl and given a random like I will come on here and say we have 3 packs of Candy Striped Zinnia the first 3 to GRAB them will get them in there envies. And so the first 3 to request them will find those extras in there envies :).

OK? Any other questions? Just ask!

OK, I had another question asked via email:

Fran, I saw the recent postings about what happens with seeds that are sent in to you.

You said that we would get the seeds that are sent in for us unless it is removed from your wish list after it has been sent in. I was wondering about all the postings where people had a surplus of seeds and asked if anybody wanted any of those. People were just replying saying "yes, I've some some of this and that". In a few cases, private emails have been passed along to see if someone might be interested in seeds that are close to something on their wish list.

Are people supposed to be adding these items to their wish list as they respond to postings or emails saying they'd like those seeds set aside for them? If so, I'd better do that myself, but I don't think people will have been doing that yet (ie my posting for various seeds...I haven't seen anyone update their wish list when they said they'd like those seeds...not sure they're aware they should be doing that).

Make sense?

Let me know your thoughts.

ANSWER TO THIS IS: When you make a post to offer seeds and someone request them YOU as the poster are now resposible for making sure those seeds are marked for that person since this is a special request OR offer then YOU must also put on that pack as per requested offer.

OR something to that effect to let me know these seeds are a special request and MUST go to the intended person.

If you made it through a private email same thing let me know some how these seeds must go to this intended person.

Anyone that has a way to make this easier please feel free to post your method what works for me may not work for someone else but yours might!

Question I have been asked twice now: Is it ok to use or send in Commercial packs? Yes, commercial packs are fine. A lot of mine are commercial packs and I have split them up to share with others, as a matter of fact I have ordered some specific seeds because they were on want list.

My garden was new in 2008 so no seeds really to gather.

I personally don't know anyone who would say NO commercial packs allowed for me, UNLESS they are totally organic and are not sure where the seeds came from. Other then that I would say commercial seeds are fine.

Ok, here it is: We were worried about getting our seeds from the other swap in time to get updated for this one. Patty has spoken! She said there was a mistake on her list were she posted the one swapper isn't sending until the 29th, she said it was a typo and SHOULD have been the 20th. SOOO, once again she is on schedule and this SHOULD give us plenty of time to get our list updated.

AGAIN you can be working on seeds for those who are NOT in Patty's swap and for anyone who isn't SURE who those folks might be, here is a list of folks who ARE in Patty's swap at the moment:


01. ncgardengirl-Fran

03. markcase1964-Mark

06. conniesc-Connie

08. dirtdiggin-Toni

10. grolikecrazy-Chris

14. sissifriss-Myriah

15. chellflower-Chell

17. poisondartfrog-Alana

20. angelady-Angela

23. smokymist

26. ishareflowers-Lisa

27. purpleacres-Tracy Not in Patty's BUT hosting her own

30. hmacdona-Heather

36. yotetrapper

39. sassybutterfly_2008-Wendy

40. threeshyacres-Jodi

Make a note that you don't have to check these right now, you can when we all post we have updated.

You CAN check mine I will be ok with doubles but I think mine is specific enough I will not receive doubles and if I do that is fine because most of us are limiting our packs to 5 for VERY rare or hard to get seed to 10 so I would need more seeds cuz well, sometimes I am just not to good with them, ok? I try! LOL.

We will be keeping this schedule based on our warmer climate friends who joined BECAUSE of the original dates posted AND I don't want to lose anyone because of a change made, SOOOO if you are concerned with updating your page in time after you get your swap packages back I have a quick solution: BEFORE you open you package go to your want/have page change window: As you are pulling out your new seeds to see what you have make the changes then, IF you plan on moving them to your haves (which I personally wouldn't I would open note pad or other program and transfer them there, WHY? because might not have enough to share BUT still want a record of new seeds) or you might just want note out beside some or all that you received these seeds AND if doubles of this one are wanted go ahead and note that then too.

YES I KNOW HOW EXCITED YOU WILL BE AND THIS MIGHT SEEM LIKE AND IMPOSSIBLE TASK BECAUSE OF YOUR EXCITEMENT BUT some of us are gonna be posting what we got in return so this will be taking care of two things at once because you will be updating your page AND you can be making your list all at the same time!

Thanks so much,

Your Hostess,

:) Fran

Check the link below for the other repost if you need additional information

Here is a link that might be useful: Wow Swap Part 3
Follow-Up Postings:

RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

Everyone I truly am sorry you received the message with my address 4x, Like Bea said though, you can't say you didn't get You got it more than once.

Again, I am sorry, I hate it when things screw up and I know it can be irksome to get multiple emails of the same message, so over look me, forgive me, and please understand...sometimes there are just

:) Fran

Repost cuz you might want to know!

Posted by markcase1964 7 (My Page) on Sun, Feb 1, 09 at 7:54

YEA!!!!!!!!!!!! My desert rose pod opened last night! I have been biting my nails to see if it will open. Yea, three of you wanted that seed..... I really, really, really wanted to get that for you!!!!
Also, the last of my stevia seeds will be going out to those that had it on your list. If was not on your list as of Friday, I am sorry. I only had enough to fill the 7 that did. To germinate stevia, please follow these directions: TOP SOW! do not bury the seeds. LOTS OF LIGHT!! You need a grow light going at least 14 hours a day. From 70 to 72 degrees. Any colder and forget it. Hotter, again, no go.

I will start looking through the list for everyone else and see what I can send for all. But those two, are very had to get and I was crossing my fingers.....


RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

Hi ALL, I started last night going through the list and writing down which seeds I can fulfill. PLEASE everyone, if you are not in another swap, PLEASE, PLEASE update your wish list. It appears that some are not updated or do you really only have such few wishes? I want to start packing and then when Patty or the other swaps are over and are updated, I will go through those list and pack up and then ship off. I am very sorry but I am not going to go through the list multiple times, I hope you guys understand it. It takes hours and LOTS of tea to go through it. :o)

I have to say I LOVE it when the lists are specific, when I see just BEANS, I am confused. Do you want Pole? Bush? Dry? Runners? Yardlongs? Yellow? Purple? Or when I see PEAS, I have to ask, do you want snap? shelling? or snowpeas? I really want you to get what you want. I would hate for you to want green pole beans and I send Dragon Tongue which is a YELLOW multipurpose Bush Beans. I hope to make many wishes come true but please help us all out. Thanks everyone!


RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

I thought i would post while the thread is still short for some reason i can not post from my cell when it gets too long. I have been busy packing seed i am up to 75 packs and have many more to go. There are a couple peopLe that i am having a hard time with their lists they only have a few items listed beef up those lists :)
I have made special packets for this and have put each persons number and name on them then in the upper corner have put a W, T, or a E. For want, trade or extras. Since i have so many packs i will be using a flat rate box to send them in the PO has a new smaller box that is $4 something. I have noted everyone that wanted st. Johns wort and cosmos still have plenty available if there are any more takers. Let me know.
Fran you have arranged a great swap WTG!
And i must tease you a bit but did you double check the address you sent? Lol
I thought you could use a little poking today! Hahaha
Have a great day everyone.

RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

I just realized I didn't put up the clickable list!

01. ncgardengirl-Fran*****
02. medontdo-Michele
03. markcase1964-Mark*****
04. lgslgs-Lynda
05. misskimmie-Kim
06. conniesc-Connie*****
07. heatherbon-Heather
08. dirtdiggin-Toni*****
09. gardeningbingo
10. grolikecrazy-Chris*****
11. douglasls-Lisa
12. beverlysc-Bev
13. aphroditelaughs-Ellie
14. sissifriss-Myriah*****
15. chellflower-Chell*****
16. mary_grether-Mary
17. poisondartfrog-Alana*****
18. grovespirit-Iris
19. lindaruzicka-Linda*****
20. angelady-Angela*****
21. dimples31312-Dorothy
22. strmywthr3-Barbi
23. smokymist-Cheryl*****
24. jas_il-Jasmine
25. kristlindgren-Kris
26. ishareflowers-Lisa*****
27. purpleacres-Tracy*****
28. countrygirl_sc-Gail
29. fleethart-Fleety
30. hmacdona-Heather*****
31. echinaceamaniac-Clint
32. lakedallasmary-Mary
33. diana_lynn-Diana Lynn
34. smitties
35. ashle999
36. yotetrapper*****
37. mcbdz-Pattie
38. graanieb-Bea
39. sassybutterfly_2008-Wendy*****
40. threeshyacres-Jodi*****
41. blue_ivy-Tola
42. ibartoo-Linda
43. jaleeisa-Kathy*****
44. molanic-Molanic
45. rane_grow-Iris
47. southerncharm1-Kathy SC1
48. kilngod-Tina*****
49. luvgardening2-Nancy*****
50. rbrady-Rhonda*****
51. dessieb-Dessie

ISSUES needing attention

Yes, I would like to address this issue too, many of you have nothing on your list.
Are you not checking in here to read at all? WE NEED A LIST TO SEND TO YOU...PLEASE UPDATE YOU LIST WITH SOME WANTS ON THERE.

Look at the names of stuff or do a little research, if you are not sure what somethngs maybe instead of just putting beans or watermelon at least say something more like I have never grown these before so would be happy with any until I can figure out what I like most. SOMETHING to indicate to us the you really don't have a preference to BEANS or any of the other general list.
There are TOO many specific seeds out there in each family to not say anything more than just a gerenal listing. You will not get to many things if you only list stuff like:
Instead you can say:
Beans never grown any are fine
Beets any
Canatloupe large, orange flesh type/green flesh/ OR ANY
Cosmos any
IT HELP SO MUCH WHEN YOU HAVE MORE INFORMATION THEN JUST A GENERAL LIST...I understand you may be new to gardening, but please help us out a little more. THANKS

ALSO, those of you who do not have anything listed PLEASE PUT SOMETHING UP...we can not send anything for you IF you have no listings at all.

ALSO, PLEASE CONFIRM YOU ARE STILL IN THIS SWAP, I have not heard from some of you since you signed up. When no one sees you posting at all they assume you have dropped out. I have had questions asked about whether or not some are still in this swap, and I have to say I assume so I haven't heard anything either way.

OK, 09. gardeningbingo I can not contact you, you have NO way to be contacted. PLEASE PUT UP A EMAIL ADDRESS SO YOU CAN BE CONTACTED BY MEMBERS WHEN NEEDED...THANK YOU.

As far as I know this is all the issues at the moment ppl have ran into. IF THERE IS ANYTHING ELSE I NEED TO ADDRESS PLEASE SAY SO...

excuse the little are rbrady under the clickable links it was an extra I

:) Fran

RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

First of all Miss RTM! I wanna know how long it took for you to do that! HAHAHA I don't know how you kept your composure when those jerks drove their CAR through your garden, we would've been throwin' down fo' sho'! ROFL

Nancy, I'm not completely updated on my veggies yet. Hopefully I will get my other seeds from the Acres Swap and the Tomatoes Swap back in time to update before the sending date on this one. :D I know I have waaaaaayyy to many irons in the fire. But it makes it more exciting! :D Like a kid at Christmas time. lol

Toni/Dirtdiggin - Seems that's a common issue with some of these places. It's very disappointing when you are shelling out good money for seeds only to get a few of them in return. :(

Conniesc, that is exactly how to keep business coming back. Wish more of them were like that. :)

Yotetrapper, I have some Charleston Grey Watermelon seeds, there are 9 of them. You want em?

Kathy AKA - 6477 32629 72687 HAHAHA!

RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

I actually think it is great when someone lists just a veggie or type of plant and does not specify a variety. To me, it means I can send that person a little of the one or two varieties I happen to have! When people are too specific, I am less likely to be able to share what I have, often not having a specificly requested variety.

In my case, I omit varieties of veggies from my trade list because I am in the experimental stage where I would be thrilled to try anything new! : ) (I have now added "any variety" where appropriate as requested.)

Echinaceamaniac - I sent you a message through GW a couple days ago. I would love to send you something but I don't have anything on your wants list. You can respond to that email if you think you might like something that is not on your list.

Gardeningbingo - I am sorry I don't have anything on your list! I do not have contact info for you, so I can't write to offer you what I do have that may interest you.

RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

I'm checking in because I haven't posted since I joined,but I am still here :)

I agree with blue_ivy, if someone doesn't specify a specific variety of something I take it to mean that they are open to try any variety. That is how I did my list anyway...I was only as specific as necessary. I also was sure to include my zone on the page. For instance if I put just "swiss chard" or "carex" on my list, any species or variety of them that grows in my zone is cool with me. For tomatoes, I listed specific kinds because they are all I am interested in that I don't already have for this year.

Sometimes it is a bit disappointing to go through a super long list with every variety listed, only to find I have nothing to offer them.


RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

blue_ivy, I understand about why you for instance may have just had beans, BUT those of us who have lots to offer have a hard time with less specific, HOWEVER, if you can do what I asked and just place any variety or something to let us know you would be happy with pretty much anything it helps us decide what to send...I know you understand this which is the reason you did as requested and placed any or any variety beside your items. It is muchly appreciated.
On the other hand for those of us who have less to trade not being specific DOES make it easier for them to trade or send in something because it isn't specific, but believe me, once you start getting into hundred's of seeds as many of our seeds stashes are more specific is lots more

Kathy, SC1, it took me a few secs to figure it out...but it was funny huh? HAHAHA
And I was HIGHLY ticked when they drove through the garden, but we didn't actuallt SEE them we just saw a car sitting on the side where they came out at and the tire marks in the garden but we knew it was them....but what can you do?

HAHAHA, I just realized I spelled cantaloupe wrong in my example up there...LOL!!!

I am going to check list again, those I found without a list or without a good size list I will email them and ask them to update and add if possilbe to there if they can and will update we will have a better chance of contributing something to them....:)

OH, we have someone else from Canada joining, I am just waiting on the email to confirm their GW id...

:) Fran

RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

I agree... if there's something that I'm really just interested in any variety of, I'll put "any" beside it. Usually at some point, in looking through catalogs, etc, I'll see specific ones that I'd like to have and will add that under the "any" that means I'll be happy with any, but if someone happens to have the specific one, I'd be REALLY happy! LOL with some things, I'm still experimenting myself. I moved to a new part of Oklahoma last year and have a yard that's VERY different from what I had before, further south. So I'm still getting a feel for what will do well here.

For example-

I have listed on my page that I want Geraniums-
Geranium- Black Velvet Series- any, especially Salmon, Scarlet, Appleblossom

I'd be happy with any of the Black Velvet series, but I specified that series, then added that I'm especially wanting the Salmon, Scarlet and Appleblossom in that series.

In another listing- variegated and feathered type Morning Glories

I have some varieties of MG, but have become more interested in these types, and so would be open to any colors, etc, in these types.

In another area of my list, I mention wanting garlic- not picky on the name, but prefer hard neck, strong flavored types.

I hope that I'm showing some of the newer traders/swappers that you can still leave it open because you're experimenting, but clear up any confusion for those who aren't sure if just because you said you'd like begonias that you want their small Rex border begonias or would you prefer the bigger, taller ones. Or, as mentioned, when you say beans, are you talking about pole beans, which will need supports, bush beans, which will need space, or runner beans, which will also need support. On tomatoes... do you want determinate- which make a sort of bush, don't necessarily have to be staked or caged and set all their fruit at one time (usually a 2 week period) and stops growing- it's done at that point, or indeterminate- which are a more vine tomato, needs to be staked or caged to prevent it from bending and breaking and continues to grow and set fruit until killed by frost.

Even knowing this much will help someone decide what to send you. Determinate tomatoes you'll need to be prepared to harvest and either eat, can, or blanch and freeze within a short period of time. Indeterminate you can continue a slow harvest and they continue to produce until killed by frost.

I know that many are concerned with being seen as "picky", I don't see it that way. You wants list is your Wish list... dream big! LOL! But if you're fine with any kind or type, please indicate that too :)


RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

Kathy, Thanks for letting me know your list is NOT complete. I will write myself a note and go back to check your list out later. As of now, I can grant ALL of your wishes for BEANS. Make sure you send Fran a BIG envelope and maybe a few extra stamps. Those suckers get HEAVY and it may push your 1st class into Priority or Parcel Post zone.

I think I am going to have to ship to Fran in a BOX, it will be neater with that many packets of seeds.

Blue Ivy and Molanic, I can understand your views. I think that is fine. I am only asking that it is not SO GENERAL. BTW, I was not referring to either of your lists. I have both of you down w/ quite specific wants. I was fine with some that said ANY HEIRLOOM so and so or ANY that is not on my Have List or ANY pole beans. Be kind enough to narrow it down for us. I have a HUGE collection, which should I pick for you? I do not know. It is much easier for me and I think some others here if you give us CLUES. Honestly, I will glance through the general stuff. I will use Kathy's Want List as an example. She specifies the variety and I happen to have them, I am going to grant her wishes. I am not going to figure out Player #100's Wish List for BEANS but I will grant it if they say they have not tried it and they are open to Any Bush BEANS.

I have been told that my list is TOO specific and it is hard to grant wishes. I totally understand this, I know it is not easy and I do not expect anything. I am here to SHARE what I have. It is not possible to use all the seeds I possess. I get a sense of satisfaction from sharing. Another reason for the specifics is because I probably do not care for it or I already have it. I would hate for you to spend your money and time for something I will not use.

Alright, I am off to pack for Acres Squash and Tomato and Pepper swap.


RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

Thank you Kathy i needed that i am very new to veggies that explained a ton to me i love gw it teaches me so much all the time.
Im off to change my veg list a little.

RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

I also want to be sure that the list of want lists is close to the top for everyone!

Here ya go:

ALL WOW Participants Want Lists

Again, please, let me know if I need to update anything for you on the page!


RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

First, someone posted st johns wort and something else, I don't remember now from reading all of the above, but if you have some to share, I would be glad to try it. I as a newby understand more now why you want such specifics as I have read through many of your want and have lists. So many of you have wht the rest of us newcomers dont that you would not want to get it over and over. Or you only "NEED" certain varieties. Others of you only like certain veggies or flowers and would not be interested in otehr things.

I at first made a general list. Then I kept going back adding to it as I looked at ohers lists. Then I started to try to be specific wth tomatoes and peppers and squash's because of the other swaps I am in. Now, unfortuneately I have a huge mess on my list. It is out of order, tomatoes here and there, flowers here and there, MESSY> I wanted to say sorry first and foremost. I am trying to get it fixed, but not really sure how. I had exported to excel and abc ordered it, but then the vege's were not togethor and the flowers, or herbs. Plus, where I listed Watermelon - and listed 5 or 6 it did not work in excl. Eventually I will get this organized. I will probably kinda start over with it in excel, but not sure when I will get it finished.

Whew !!! With all of that said, I am not new to gardening but new to large flower beds, seed saving, and collecting. I would love just about anything, b/c right now, if I get duplicates I can trade with them, but I also have 2 acres to make flower beds !! I tried to put any or "dry beans" or some such thing, but If I missed something (due to the miserable mess) please email me and ask or tell me so I can go fix it. Oh, and Cosmos, Zinnias and things are new to me so I don'treally know varieties yes, and have been so busy in my 1 week on here trading and swapping, that I have not been able to go through and look at them. I think I covered it. I am very very happy to be here and so glad to be included with such generous people. Any and all suggestions welcome.

By the way, With the possibility of this being a large swap, how do I know how much postage to send??4 or 5 or 6, ????? Just don't want anyone getting stuck with postage and a HOPING for a "whole lotta love" LOL.


RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

I updated mine one last time. Now the only thing I may try is to straighten it up some, but if I do, I will let youknow. SOrry for the mess. Off to pack more seeds.

RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

I will mark you down for st johns and cosmos. Any other takers?
I got my list changed a little and i am done messin with it. Lol

Are u guys still out there?

Has anyone heard from gardenbingo or marygether?

RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

Okay, I have all the lists done (other than those in Patty's swap). I think I got all the updates to lists up 'til this point. If it has been changed again or needs updating from this post forward, please, let me know!


Here is a link that might be useful: Compiled Want Lists for All WOW participants

RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

Hi everyone, I just wanted to apologize to Fran, I soo wanted to do her swap, but I am just not up to it. I hope everyone enjoys the swap, Fran is great.......and I see alot of great swappers, or seed addicts here.......LOL

Have fun !!!

RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

It's ok Kym, I know you didn't feel like it, you will be missed :) HUGS....

Also, another thing about list items, not to beat this horse to death but some things may not grow in say zone 10 that will grow in zone 7 so, OR visa versa, it may be because of a zone thing that someone will be specific. We all have our reasons one or the other for being specific.
For me mostly it is because I saw it in a seed cat and I liked it and wanted it, heck it may NOT grow for me, BUT I don't know this until I try it, then I will know but for now I want to try it. Also, I may not know there is another variety out there, like I said I probably saw it in a book and I want it! It is just that simple.
More common things I have access to, newer varieties I may not. OR I just can't afford to purchase all I want so swapping and 'gifting' swaps are the way to go and I ask for a specific HOPING someone will be generous enough to send some my way, because I know someone out there DID order it I can almost bet on it and might just be wiling to share a few seeds, hopefully with little ole me! (Shucks, I blush at the thought) On the other hand I am not saying I haven't ordered a few things because I have and some where specific wants of others, and I happened to want it to which is what I am hoping for in the case of my specific want list!
So please understand it is just simpler if you can be a little more specific I may have some Black eye peas and when you say peas I might want to send them to you, BUT you are in Zone 4 and these will not do well for you. I don¡¦t know you are in zone 4 I can¡¦t take time to look BUT if you have listed say Little Marvel Green Peas THEN I KNOW more of what you can use¡K.
SO PLEASE UNDERSTAND there is a reason for all of this¡K
As far as luvgardening2 list being TO SPECIFIC, she has been at this trading thing awhile and she only NEEDS these varieties now. It is NOT that she wants to make it hard on anyone, she just no longer needs certain things because she already has a LONG list and now she want specialty items, and I can bet there is SOMEONE out there who can also help her out to.


OK and to end let me say I am just trying to be helpful not hurtful. Just trying to clear up some things and making sure feelings are not being hurt¡K

OK Remember this is posed to be FUN!!!

º Fran

RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

  • Posted by: yotetrapper ( on Sun, Feb 1, 09 at 23:46

Now I'm even getting confused. LOL. I guess if my list isnt specific enough for someone just dont send me anything? I have a lot of specific things on there, but some are very general, because any of that item would be fine.... I do not have time to go through and change everything, so if not specific enough, just skip it.

Southern Charm, sure, I'll take 'em.

RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

heatherbon, I am interested in the St John Wort please. :D

RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

Yotetrapper, no everyone is missing the can have general things on there we ALL DO, for the most part but instead of just saying:
Please add something more like:
Bush Beans ANY

OR leave it as you have it, I am sure you will still get your general stuff and if you are happy receiving just whatever of that certain thing then that is fine but you never know what kind of beans you will get if it is just stated as beans...

:) Fran

Please READ

OK...this is it folks...

People are trying to make this too I am gonna put it in the most simplest of terms:

Check peoples want list, Update yours with a WANT list if you haven't, Pack Bubble mailer with seeds from said want list of others, take it to the post office, weigh it, apply some amount of postage it is costing you to mail it to me or a little more in postage, include a return address label, a master list of what you sent in IF possible, SEAL IT and SEND IT! Make sure it is mailed out to be by Feb 20th, no later.

That is it...this is a simple, EASY FUN SWAP, not meant to be complicated or complex just fun and simple...

AGAIN THANKS TO ALL FOR JOINING, it is APPRECIATED, PLEASE enjoy looking at others want list and filling their wishes to help make their gardens beautiful this year!!!

:) Fran

RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

i guess some are just trying to make sure that they send the right stuff and it doesnt get traded off, ummmm.....that they didn't "waste" a gift?? is that what i'm trying to say, we all know i'm very bad at words, but i think thats what it is, LOL i think, for me, i'd want to know if it matters if i send joe (made up name) bush beans, is he gonna care, or will he care, so if he don't care, maybe he could just put any. LOL

now that we are all happy and smiling and saying what a goofball, lets talkabout the great weather, nd how i hope that we are getting no more winter!! LOL i like this swap!! its crazy and so many people are trying to accomodate everyone else that it does just a little confusing, but that's to be expected. :') just don't sweat the small stuff people!! LOL remember, send these off as a nice thing and if your not willing to "lose" alot, then don't send alot, but that's my opinion. its not a trade. its a i wanted that seed. and geeze you won't need that many anyhow to make a whole lot anyhow!! in the last swap, many people only sent 7 seeds at the most. not like you neede more than that. again, my opinion. LOL
i totally agree, this is supposed to be totally fun!! i am looking forward to filling my envi!!
do we have a way of seeing who we can help out so we don't send to many pks to other people? then maybe we can help other people? its just a thought, also if you have any desert rose seeds left, could i have a few? Hugs ~medo

Here is a link that might be useful: barehanded totally nutso gardener

RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

my thoughts on swaps are this: I usually get seeds that I would've never thought of trying and am thrilled to do so. If I get some that I already have, no big deal..I either use them or swap them. I always tell people that they are free to swap what I send if they can't use them....after all, that's what's fun about a swap, you never know what's in the envelope..sorta like Christmas.."G"

RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

The only problem I had with the list were when someone said Tomatoes (for example), then listed several or many varieties under. When I pasted the list in my spreadsheet, then I had to put tomato in front of each variety so I could sort my master list and have all the Tomato Sungolds together.

For me it was a lot easier when listed as:
Tomato Sungold
Tomato Brandywine

Next time I'll add an extra column for the tomatoes, if you follow my drift. LOL!

RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

Linda, I meant to post just about the same thing, it's been that way with me, we get and send out different seeds with the understanding they'll be welcomed or shared with someone who would need them, at least scatter some in the wild, what I've been doing sometimes, had some pretty and tough flowers out there. I think most of us feel this way and are easy to please, as long as seeds are viable. I loved the surprise packets with ? or unknown, fun to see what'll come up.
Right now My Have List is really small, because I'm packing rest of the seeds for about 15 of you ( again, in sandwich baggies, not counting 'em) and sending the rest to Fran to do with as she wishes, check out who's been needy (or nutty or nice,lol) I'm sending them with love, awww
I'd be happy with may be a dozen pkts, forgot to list in
my Wants- STEVIA, ZINNIA "Candy Cane" and SALVIA-White and SAGE-Herb...not sure if it's listed.
Haven't kept seeds older than about a year, for years.
As long as I've been on swapping seeds, haven't yet found and doubt I ever will, over half of my wants, rather common too, understand it's good fun and am fine with what I have, saves me money and most of all, keeps me in touch with the nicest people who've I never met in person, truth be said.
Getting back to recipes, thought if anyone wants to exchange or receive recipes thru email, let me know, will get your email addy's in my contracts.
Btw...noticed new thread now goes faster with the down arrow ( for me 2nd key on the righ of Ctrl), no longer with the End button.
Got to read more posts and get back here soon,
Hugs Fran, Angela and all,

GB Bea

RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

howdee there

Fran -- Yep Im still in and I just know I went through more seeds and found seeds I had no idea I even had. So I will be sending in a pile. I am sure I will alo have a pile extras from my Acres edible swap so I will send in a pile of them too.

As for my wish list-- as long as its some thing that is close to what is on my wish list IM GOOD. I am a pretty easy gardener to please.

Also --- ACRES EDIBLE SWAP will ship out middle of this week. My mind is a blurrrr of itty bitty seed packs..


RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

  • Posted by: yotetrapper ( on Mon, Feb 2, 09 at 16:53


I've decided I am not going to wait for Patty's swap. I have a LOT of things listed now that I either did not ask for in Patty's swap, or dont mind doubles of. So for those of you waiting to check my list, go on ahead.

Just as you go through my list.... stop when you get to the part that says patty's swap. OR if you do read the part that is patty's swap... and have something rare that is listed there, then just send it.

Like others said, I dont mind doubles or even unwanteds... they're trading material.

I added a bunch more stuff today, so have a pretty long list marked specifically for Fran's swap...have at it.

RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

I think saying broccoli is fine
and in my opinion is the same as 'any' broccoli.

Beans - well there a lot of kinds of beans
if you are open to all kinds that might be ok,
but many do not grow in certain climates.

to be more specific without listing a variety


pole beans
bush beans

most of the below can come in either (bush or pole)

lima beans
blackeyed peas
yard long beans
adzuki beans
tepary beans
runner beans


pole beans are for warm climates
bush beans - cooler ones

green beans - cool to warmish but not hot
lima beans - warm
butterpeas - grow better in warmer places than the large limas
yard long beans (really a kind of blacked peas) - warm
black eyed peas (really beans) - warmer
tepary beans - warm and dry
runner beans - cooler climates
wax beans - can take cooler weather that green beans

For peas their are 4 types (all like cool climates)

english peas (wrinkled fresh stage peas) Coolest
soup peas (dry peas- smooth seeds) - cool
snap peas (eat All) - cool
snow peas (flat pods) - coll

If you don't mind any of these, leave it as peas

Squash - winter
squash - summer These are usually bush and not happy in warmer climates

maximas are happier in cooler climates since they are mountain squash.

pepo winter squash do better for me here in Texas. They can take warmer/drier weather

moscahata and mixtas prefer warmer climates and can take a bit of drought. can't take cool weather

Big difference in the squashes - but if you don't care leave it as any squash

I don't see the big deal. If you are specific you are more likely to get something you can use, but if you don't care, and/or are new to gardening, folks can toss any beans left over after meeting specific requirements --- no big deal

short radishes are generally for spring. I can't grow them,
our springs are almost non existent

long radishes are generally for fall/winter
they do great here.

Those with short seasons or live in the south are more likely to have more specific lists. Lots of stuff won't do well in difficult climates.

If you don't have something from a specific list than you don't. No worries.

If you don't have something from a list that has not even one thing on it, well neither do any off us.

I pretty much ran out of seeds to share despite late comers, and folks that are waiting to update their lists until other swaps are completed. So my seeds are wandering through the postal system now.

I tossed in some extras so that Fran can spread among late comers and those I had nothing for specifically. Some of my extras will fit the 'any' tomato category. So see, listing tomatoes (with no variety specified) is not a bad thing.

In a few days, Fran is going to be quite busy with seed packets spread all over her bed! And next to the seeds are going to be little clumps of her hair!


RE: WoW Thanks! I WANTED that Swap # 4

I'll say that I don't mind doubles either. I made several more updates to my wants after Patty's swap closed, and those that were up at that time, I'd not mind receiving multiples for. So no need to wait for Patty's swap to come back for me to update. I'll leave a note here if I make any more additions before mailing time :) Which is entirely possible since every catalog or email ad I get from the seed companies gives me more and more wants.

By the way, I have about 5 trades of 5 seeds each for Vitex (Chaste Tree) if anyone is interested, I'll tuck them into your baggie. I may have more, but we'll start with the five. I have a plastic seed baggie about full, but I've not counted or broken them down yet, so I'll start with the first five, but if you're interested, don't hesitate to say so even if the first five have spoken up. These are wonderful for butterflies, hummingbirds and bees. We'll work with the 5 seeds/per for the moment. These can get pretty large, so I'm thinking 5 would be enough for someone to know if they will do well for them or not. If someone knows of germination difficulties with them, please let me know and I'll up the amount of seed per trade. But my understanding is that they aren't difficult.

Post here and email me please, makes it easier for me to keep track.


POSTING for Heather

POSTING FOR: 30. hmacdona-Heather*****

"Hi everyone,
Even though I am participating n Patty's swap, it will be several weeks before I receive any seeds back since I am in Canada. I don't want that to hold up this swap waiting for those seeds to a

Comments (151)

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Shanta - I know a bunch of people are packing seeds and some are ready to mail in, so please update your page as soon as you can. I'm going to update the compiled list tonight with your list. If you add after that, please, post letting us know.

    Lynda - Oh, I'm soooo glad you're okay and finally have your electricity back on! I bet there's still tons more work to do around there to clean up... ugggh


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    OOOHH. I would love some of your white marigolds. I am not sure that I have ever seen white ones.Thanks for offering. Nichol

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    OFFERS TODAY: Tuesday Feb 10, 09 1 offer Bi-color Mixed varieties? 1 offer Watermelon Sugar Baby 1 offer Melon: Honey Dew 4 offers Maltese Cross 1 offer Watermelon Jubilee 1 offer Large Pear Shaped Tomato 1 offer Passion Flower Passiflora caerulea yr unknown Comm. pk 1 offer Lavatera Mont Blanc Annual yr unknown Comm. pk Full Sun 1 offer Euphorbe Summer Icicle Annual yr unknown Comm. Pk Sun to Part Shade 1 offer Thyme (Organics Biologique) yr unknown 1 offer Lettuce Mesclun Bon Vivant yr hand written on it 2008 1 offer Dill Chia Brand Herbs Comm year unknown 1 offer Morning Glory Heavenly Blue Comm yr unknown 1 offer Tomato Brandywine (Oragnic Biologique) yr marked out 1 offer Castor Bean feels like 4 seeds comm. pk unknown yr 1 offer Tomato could be black no other info 1 offer Heirloom Tomato Basinga 2006 1 offer Isis Yellow Flag 2 offer Asclepias Soulmate Pink zone 3-9 Please note I have NO clue what the first one might even remotely be, your guess is as good as mine! Also remember anything you are requesting could be on your list and if I have put one pack in your bag already and you request these extras too, then you have 2 I will not pull the first pack or the requested. It would be too confusing to try to keep up wiith I think so you will just have 2 lol. :) Fran
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    I can relate to so many helping others. I let me sister come and root through my seed box and have just about anything she wants because her husband has been unemployed for over 2 months. They need a lot of veggies and they don't have any flowers in their yard. My mom's property is also bear. We bought her 3 trees several years ago, which have finally payed off this year, but she needs some flowers and definitely veggies, too. Then, of course, there's me. My yard is also bare. We moved in 4 years ago (Yah, I know it was a long time ago to still have nothing in our yard, but I just thought it was too expensive to have gardens before.) When we got here and all the way until now there has only been a crepe myrtle bush in the front and four 'o clock in the back. Well, there's also some kind of ornamental grass that I think grows from a bulb that I have no idea what it is, but apparently doensn't take much attention to keep alive. LOL Anyways, I haven't gotten Patty's Swap package back quite yet, either, but I think mostly because of these 2 big swaps and some generous SASBE offers, that it is going to make our gardens bountiful and beautiful. I seriously cannot wait to see it! It does surprise me how many seeds it takes to even notice that you have a garden! LOL! I'm sowing thousands this year just at my house alone! I can't wait to see all 3 of our homes when everything comes up! Sooooooooo, I'll take any doubles with my name on them, whether flower, herb, or veggie/fruit. I'll give them all a very good home! :-D Blessings, Angela
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  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago


    I just saw your post about that very rude trader. I thought it was especially funny that she was addressing you as though you are new to GW and do not know how it works! I wonder who's been a member longer?

    Keep you chin up. So far I count two rude people and at least fifty of us who adore you!


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Lynda, so glad ya'll came through the storm and all's well but the cleaning! Melissa is a dear friend and very much loved in this community. I'm just glad I was able to get in touch with her to see what was needed. That's the kind of community we have here :)

    And I would adore having some of your white marigolds if you have some more left!


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    White marigolds? That sounds interesting. May I have some?


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Ellie, I have been on GW since it started, although when it was owned by the other person I got sent to disney land many times, so I have had a few names on here...LOL but I have been here a long time. I noticed I was addressed as a newbie too which annoyed me as well...LOL.
    Your comment was funny So far I count two rude people and at least fifty of us who adore you!
    reminded me of a credit card
    2 rude people
    people who adore you 50 priceless....HAHAHA

    Lynda thank goodness you got it this time, I was beginning to worry. So I have at least 5 emails floating around in cyber space.

    Mary, I like my froggies too, made them too!

    I have came to the utter conclusion that I am just an easy target...LOL.

    OK, I am about to post an update...

    :) Fran

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Great update, Fran! We have some quick ones considering it our deadline is the 20th! I am starting to pack tonight. I have updated the master list again with our latest players and all the updates to lists that people have told me about.

    Any more updates? Please, let me know as I'm checking daily and updating the master list every evening. If I missed something or need to add something, I'm happy to! The link is below all my signature lines when I post from now on, so everyone can easily check it.


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hey everyone,
    Getting my seeds together. Hope to be finished today or tomorrow (maybe)LOL
    I have added a few veggies to my want list.
    I decided to plant a small veggie garden.
    Sorry I'm late. I know a lot of you have mailed in your seeds already.

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hey I think there is a mix up with two want lists, I think that 48. kilngod-Tina
    49. luvgardening2 are the same list? Can you two check it out . I know one time a trader sent me her exchange link and when I clicked on it it was my list, so it's entirely possible!!! Chris

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Chris they are correct on my clickable links I don't know if you are using the other list or not. I haven't checked on it...

    Dorothy, you have plenty of time, take your time...don't feel like u have to rush to get this done...

    Shanti, if you read this I would like to say PLEASE add more to your is hard for people to send in stuff for you with such a short list. I am sure you can find lots more stuff you would like to receive...hehe

    Again, I would like to tell you all this too, if you have very little on your list it will make it hard for others to send to some searching if you can and ADD stuff, come on we want your gardens to be FILLED and BURSTING with color and maybe veggies as well!

    :) Fran

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    don't worry, Dorothy, I haven't mailed my in yet. I was waiting on the Patty swapper's to update their list.

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I haven't mailed in yet either. I have most of the packs for everyone filled as best as I could and need to post a list of what I have left to see if I get any takers. :) That will be later, I'm exhausted now! LOL I did think it was easier to go through the list's when everyones is compiled into one page. Thanks for that Angela!!! :D

    Now time to clean the house. Sigh...

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Fran - I expect to mail seeds out to you between the 10th and the 15th. I'll send them express mail so that you have them for sure before the 20th.

    I've been busy spending most of today lazing around and marveling at wonders of electricity. :)


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Howdee all

    My mailer full of 120 plus packs of seed will go out tomorrow. Fun fun

    Im just too organized


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I have added few more in my want list. Here it is

    Dianthus- mixed
    Mandeville Laxa vine - any
    Wax Begonia
    trailing soapwort
    hollyhock (doubles only) peaches and dreams, Carnival Mixed' Chaters Mix
    Carpet Phlox
    Carnation double


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    You sure are very generous Acres. I am preparing 2 large padded envelopes (about double less than you have) and wonder how are you mailing yours? Thought about a box but the postage on it would be more.
    Sent one envelope to you Fran, ought to get it by now.

    After taking plants back outside ,yay I did it! ,there was a small tree frog hopping in the room, quickly picked it up before the cats did, threw it outside and thought " You're too small to be cats' toy". Only my daughter knows my "secret words", smile, can't really be sure how will they be taken on line, she's very friendly and laughs easily, thinks you ought to laugh about this one, Fran---when I was about to post Baked Chicken Legs recipe , I thought .." It tastes just like fried frog legs", LOL
    ( hiding from Fran)

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I am going to update my list after bit. I will be finished by So if you want to update mine in the morning it will be done. I am sorry I am adding more, but I have 3 people say that I need to add more to it. I think they are nuts but can'twait to see all the goodies in the swap packages. I thought I had tons of stuff listed LOL. Maybe yotetrapper is just being facetious ??????? LOL Anyway, I will add more just in case she is not, and b/c I am 3 more swaps now, in a couple weeks so who knows (fingers crossed). I also want those who were waiting on me to get my seed order in toknow I just got it, and as soon as I check on ere for updates, I will be splitting seeds and preparing env's plus finishing up this swap, almost. LOL Anyway, Thanks. Nichol

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I have just updated the page with the updates that people told me about. Thanks for letting me know the list is useful to you, southerncharm1! It's priceless to me when I am doing a search to see who all wants what seeds I have. I can quickly search it and find everyone who wants it right then!

    Chris (grolikecrazy) - I don't see what you're talking about with the two lists getting mixed up. I checked my page, and it seems right, so maybe you weren't referring to my page?


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Checking through the old posts to see what I missed.

    Medontdo, Blue-Ivy & Dianna Lynn - I have desk spill calendula & fennel seed mix for all of you.

    Jaleesia - If you have any chaste tree left, I'd love to get it started here.

    GardenMom2, Jallesia, Markcase1964 & Blue_Ivy - I've got white marigolds packed up for each of you. There's plenty more if anyone needs them. Gotta love those great seed producer plants. :)

    I think that catches me up except for a few things still in my e-mail box. Boy it feels good to be back to fussing with seeds.


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Angela, just looked at your list...well at how it is set up because I had not before,,,that is NEAT! I am sure with the search option this will help ME greatly when I start checking seeds! THANK YOU!!!!

    LYNDA DO NOT DARE SEND THAT THAT WAY, NOT EXPRESS ANYWAY Priority Mail is fine if you want to do that, but that is up to you...just send it out by the 20th you'll be fine deary!
    Lynda said: I've been busy spending most of today lazing around and marveling at wonders of electricity. :) (snicker, snort) It is amazing how we have became accustomed to sure fineries ain't it now? OH THE MARVELS OF THE MODERN WORLD! hehehe, I miss mine too when I don't have it, OH GOODNESS....WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT INTERENT FOR DAYS? CRINGES AT THE THOUGHT!

    BEA! Frog LEGS???? YOU SERIOUS??? FROG LEGS??? BLECK!!!!!!!! EWW, EWW, EWW...and NO WAY! uh, uh...(shaking head NO) I AIN'T EATIN THAT!
    I noted ^ there that you had sent in a package of extras...and others will be arriving, BAD GIRL Didn't check my update DID YOU? (shaking head side to side, NO she didn't!) see, I update and no one pays attention....LOL.

    YES NICOLE and EVERYONE ELSE...ADD, ADD, ADD to your pages...LOL

    I actually purchased little brown bags today to put your seeds as they come in into since I will not have all mailers or boxes as the case may be when seeds being coming in and I needed a place to store each person's so this worked...I hope, LOL

    :) Fran

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    OK, PLEASE do not post your totals you are sending in here...
    you will see later on why I requested this of you :)

    :) Fran

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Yikes! Sorry, brain fart. Yes Fran - NOT express mail. Probably priority - especially if we get the ground thaw I'm expecting and I'm able to dig up some special goodies for our RR hostess. Right now the weather looks very promising for that. :)


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Well it looks like I might not get patty's pkg til later next week... I think she's got the larger ones til last (just a guess..) so not sure what at all I should do about my want list for THIS swap..... any suggestions?


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Wendy - Well, we aren't going to tell you what you're getting, girl! hee hee... You know, if I were you, I'd just add a whole bunch more stuff that you'd love to get. You'll probably get a few dupes, but you might not get many in seed count, so it's all good, right?

    Fran - Thanks so much! I'm glad you like the page as well.

    Thanks, also, to those that wrote me telling me how useful it is to them. I appreciate the pats on the back for some reason... LOL

    I've gotten a couple more requests by email for updates, so you'll see those later tonight. Any more updates, please, send those to me as soon as you can for my last update for the day! I'll update again tomorrow night as well, of course.


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Here's the master list again... forgot to post it a second ago... :-)

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Just wanted to update you all. My want list will be updated this evening so will be complete by morning. Of course I will accept anything. :)

    I am finding that as I package up my current seeds I have much more than I thought that I would. hurray !! Although I don't have a big variety, I will be able to send out much more of what I do have.

    Oh, and I hope that no one son helped me package up some seeds if you get some packets with childrens writing on it I hope that it's ok.

    The packets that you do receive from me will have a seed count on them. You are guarenteed that there are at least that many seeds in it, if not more. If I saw some that were small or seemed like they might not sprout I threw in a few extra.

    Will send out the compete envelope by next Friday. Promise.


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Fran, I think that is a great idea to use the bags tohelp you sort. Plus you can sort them as they come in, hopefully making it easier. When I saw some of the pkg. counts on the other swap my head swam. Is that normal?????? LOLOLOL I sure for my sake it is HAHA but not for yours, seriously, that is a lot of work for a hostess !!! I am glad you seem to have a good idea of a way tomake it a little easier . Thanks for allyour hard work.

    angela, am going to look at your search tool, as soon as i finish the update tha yotetrapper is making me do WHAHHH lol Nichol

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I am going to start going through lists and packing up more, the 20th will be here before you know it. Thanks again fran for hosting.

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Yea Angela but you KNOW how long my wish list is already.. and you want me to add MORE??? LOL Someone emailed me once saying my list was very inspirational and a good starting point for her to learn about seeds in our area.. that she'd printed it out and it was like 8 pages long..

    eek! hehehe

    ok Angie.. if I *MUST* add more wishes.. who am I to say no?? :P

    I have a whole list and about 10 seed catalogs sitting here I've already done my sharpie circles and stars on everything else I just can't possibly live w/out! :)

    I am still sick w/ this ridiculous cold/flu/alien entity in my body! Gosh it just won't go awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    On another note, we're going to have a new addition to our family. Nope, not pregnant. My oldest son Josh's gf is going to move in w/ us. They're both 18 and will be using the downstairs as their 'apartment'. This should be... interesting .... lol On a good note tho, she's interested in gardening and is bringing some seeds of her own.. we'll see if it'll be a fun experience.. or a seed showdown!! heh


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I hate that somebody was so rude to you. I've actually had that happen to me a few times, about this and that, and being an 'oldie' on GW, it made me stay away from trading so much for a long while. Don't let it get to you. They must have absolutely no life to have the time and rudeness to sit and write something like that.

    As I see so many people already sending in packets ( it is discouraging because to be honest for those of us in the other swap we see that 'that' particular person has left us out of their packet)...go ahead and just list my want list as updated. I love all of those flowers , and I don't want to be left out, so dont' mind getting duplicates at all.
    I'll just go mark it as updated without waiting on the other swap.

    Thanks !

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    smokymist I don't look at it as those skipping over us, I look more at it as they have nothing for us they can share.
    Remember I am looking at the seeds so you are not being skipped not really most of the seeds that have came in so far are either extras or from those who only had certain seeds to share ok hon? Don't worry and please don't feel like you are being one is!

    Wendy sorry you are I had that problem a while back I think I am actually over it (knock on wood) now. Hope u feel loads better soon....GL on the girlfriend-in-law moving in. I am sure it will all be fine AND FUN!

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Wendy says:I am still sick w/ this ridiculous cold/flu/alien entity in my body! Gosh it just won't go awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    I had that too Wendy..just when you think you're're not!!

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Dr. Mark here...

    Take 3 camella senisis leaves, three stevia leaves, 1/4 tsp of lime zest. Steep it in a VERY large mug for 5 minutes. Remove all the leaves and drink it while it is hot!

    Alternate recipie: 2 green tea bags, 1 tbsp of lemon juice, 1 tbsp honey, 1 shot of the rot gut, nastiest, cheapest wisky you can get (Old Crow, Rusty Sailor, Boot Strap, etc). Brew the tea and add the rest. It may not cure you the first cup, but you will fell lots better!

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hey Linda if you still have a few White Marigolds, I would like to try them.
    I don't think I've ever seen them growing.

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Ok, all updated now. Will get package sent out during the next week.

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Great to hear so many updates coming in by email and on the thread. I have a lot to do tonight because you guys/gals have been busy! Yea! :-D

    I do agree with smokeymist really. I'm not sure I would have joined if I knew we wouldn't have a chance to update our pages. We're too far gone into now to worry about it, though. The best I could do was add more of my wants to my page and hope I don't get dupes of everything. With different players, I'm sure it'll be different seeds, too, to some degree. That just makes sense. Just for future reference, Fran, if we're going to do this as an annual one, you might consider setting back the date further so we don't have to worry if the two swaps conflict time-wise, you know? But, whatever you want to do is fine, of course... we can join or not join...

    Wendy - LOL! I'm glad you're adding more. I know it was a long list, but I really do think you got the majority of things you wanted... seriously.... That's one of the reasons your package is tied up, I bet! *jumps for joy with excitement for everyone who hasn't been mailed to yet from Patty's swap* hee hee

    Okay, I'm off to do all the updates. If you don't see your particular updates noted by tomorrow morning, then email me, please. Thanks!


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Well Patty usually does her swap around Dec but she said she was late with it this year so I am thinking if she does hers in Dec we might can still do this one in Jan and I would like to have another one in the fall maybe around Sept with sign ups starting in August what would you all think about those dates?

    Or We could do one in Jan. and then April and Aug/Sept because I had a lot tell me they wish it was later that way I could get my hosting fixes and have 2 back to back one for the people who need it earlier and then a later one for those who can plant later in the season...then another one for after harvest?
    I love hosting I think it is fun and all of you are so great.

    I am sorry that Patty's swap ran late, I think it is best if we all add things as this goes and then I can check before I mail out if something has been removed that way I will know you don't want doubles of the items you removed...and those who are in Patty's swap I can just mail out last to all of you. I can double check your wants and IF anything does need to be pulled I can distribute amongst those of you what will then be extras OR I can use some for prizes for waiting games...
    What do ya'll think about that?
    So my suggestion now is: IF YOU ARE IN PATTY'S SWAP ADD ANYTHING YOU MAY WANT ADDTIONALLY NOW ONCE YOU GET YOUR PACKAGE BACK FROM THAT SWAP REMOVE ANYTHING YOU RECIEVED YOU DO NOT WANT DOUBLES OF AND I WILL RECHECK BEFORE THIS SWAP IS MAILED BACK TO YOU....will this work for everyone? This way people can check your pages and send in anything they may have for you and then you can remove anything you do not need more of later...before I mail yours back, then I can pull it out and give it to others OR use it for games...which ever

    Angela, I will require your help on this is you don't mind...this is what I will ask you to do for me. Make a separate page with all those in other swaps (Patty's) when THEY notify us that they have removed or updated however they wish to list this then you redo those list so it will be easier for me to scan their list. Will you do this for me?

    Will this work for everyone involved in any other swaps or the other BIG swap?

    :) Fran

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Sure, Fran, I'm happy to help in any way that I can. I've started the new page already. I'll be removing everyone but those with ***** next to their name and posting the link. I just have one request. Anyone who wants to update their list more that is not in Patty's swap, please do so by Sunday evening. This will keep me from having to update two lists...

    And, just for the record, I don't mind dupes so much as that I feel it keeps someone from sending something else we might want since they already picked out a few things for us, so they move down the list to the next person. I don't mind getting two of one kind of seed, but would prefer 2 different kinds is all, if that's the other option.

    I think it's a great idea to do these more often, but I still think January is too soon.... Again, that's just me... I think many will still pack and mail before we have much chance to update our lists when it's that close. I was new to swaps and just didn't realize how many people pack so far ahead and mail. It really isn't anything to worry about though, Fran. You'll have tons of people wanting in your swaps whenever you do them! So, enough talk of what could have been, let's move on to what is about to be making us all happy with smiles from ear to ear! Okay?

    I have made the adjustments to the master list. Please, review it for errors if you were one who asked me to update your list there. THANKS so much for all the help!


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Angela & Fran, I am at my wits end about this. All my fears about this swap have come true. I wanted to put a new list up but I am afraid that it will mess Patty up. So I emailed her to ask her if she still needed it and if so, could she print the old and then I would re-do my want list. She never got back to me. Probably way too busy with those 8,000 plus seed packets. I cannot blame her. Then I am not in either of her first two shipments, I may be at the very end and the seeds for this one is due at your house on the 20th. I am not even sure I can pull it off. It took me a week to do Patty's. My list is so out of date, it is not funny and then people are already shipping out which means they will never even see my new list. I am at a holding pattern and have not even started going through the list of people in Patty's swap.

    I was optimistic that I could pull it off but now I am doubtful. Also, another problem I am having is that I did not keep very good records w/ Patty's Swap. What if I give the same person the same item? It is kind of a waste, if I only have so many left to give, mine are commercial mostly, very few are saved and say someone else wanted it and did not get it and the other person got doubles. Ugh...... Maybe I'd better go to bed and maybe it will look different tomorrow.

    If I just keep adding to my list, won't people just be turned off by my 10 million specific requests? I might not even need it because it may be in my swap package from Patty. The more I think about it the more I should drop out and join up again when one swap does not depend on another. I should have gone with my first instinct. Like I said, I will sleep on it.


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    A couple of notes because the rest is going to be rather long and involved:

    Lynda, I have the Vitex marked for you and in your baggie! And thank you for the marigolds! They will be very interesting with my others!

    Dessie I would be more than happy to receive your little helper's seed packets! I think it's great!

    Wendy Try some Chai Spice tea, it works wonders in helping clear up colds and flu. I always add a dollop of honey to help sooth the throat. It's a staple in our house and really does help.

    Alright, here is my take on this..

    I can understand how many were hoping that the two swaps would not coincide, but, we all knew there was a fair chance of that happening. For myself, I know that I continued to update my list, even well after Patty's swap's mailing deadline. I did my updates using the same method we did for Patty's swap- using an updated date. Even had I not, I knew there was a good chance the two swaps would overlap. I joined this one knowing full well- according to the guidelines posted for it- that I may NOT receive as many as I sent in. That I would receive as many as were sent in FOR me, up to five packets of the SAME item. I recall there being some issue with this and a member who became very rude in their comments about this fact.

    Yes, my package from the What's Left swap is in the second batch to go out. No, I did not keep strict record of what I sent to those who were in the What's Left swap. I did keep better records of what I'm sending for this swap. I also know that a lot of people will be sending in baggies of seeds marked as extras- not dedicated for anyone, but to add in when it's seen those items are on someone's list. No, these may not be some of the rarer or more exclusively wanted items on someone's list. But if someone has some of those rarer or more specific items to share, I'm sure they would have put them into your baggie before they mailed. So, I don't see that anyone would be missing out on anything.

    The only way I could see having updated one's list further as complicating Patty's swap would be if someone had removed things from their list. Updating and adding items would not have conflicted. Because if there were any extras of what you were wanting, Patty would have included them.

    So, I guess I'm not really understanding how there is such a need to update the lists just because one is in both swaps. If I receive duplicates, wonderful! Because the things on my list are things I want! If I don't receive something on my list, then no one had it to share. If I receive so many of something that I can't plant it all, then I can bless someone else by offering it up for a trade.

    So, perhaps I'm being dense here, but how would one not receive something sent in specifically for them (up to FIVE packets of the same item!) that was on their wants list in this swap? Everyone has the chance to see your wants as posted and you have had the option to add to that list, as many including myself have this whole time.

    The only thing I could really see the two swaps happening almost simultaneously possibly affecting would be one's have's list.

    I'm sorry, I don't mean to upset or offend anyone. I'm just honestly trying to understand why this is such an issue. So please don't take this as meaning to offend or as pointed to anyone in particular. This is just me trying to understand why so many are upset about this. If you prefer to email me privately and help me understand it, I would be pleased with that and please do! Perhaps there are aspects and issues with this that I'm not readily seeing and should consider. I don't want to keep the thread off track by my question becoming a debate here.

    Perhaps there can be some adjustments of dates if this swap happens in the late summer or again next winter, but for this year it is as it is and personally, I'm really enjoying it!

    Nancy, I hope you don't decide to drop out, because I know that I should have at least a couple of things from your list, perhaps more. But I'll respect your choice and be your Garden Buddy either way :)

    Fran, you have a real job ahead of you and I don't know how those like you and Patty do it! Leave me hosting my "pair em up and let em go" or true RR type swaps! I think those of you that host this kind of swap are awesome!

    Angela, you have been a wonderful help to Fran and all of us in this swap! I know the time it can take to code pages like that, though updates are easier once the initial work is done, and I want to say THANK YOU for the time and work you are putting in on this swap for everyone's benefit!

    Kathy~ heading off to stuff more little baggies and envelopes.

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    my list is as it stands....I'm helping two friends to put in flowers beds this spring so I don't mind doubles of anything..."S"

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hello everyone,
    If it helps I am not sending in my packet until closer to the deadline but, I am packing now. I'll keep checking and adding or subtracting as I see things updated. I will also send what I have left to Fran as extras incase I miss something. Not that I have a lot of the rare stuff but, I am finding I can mostly find a couple of things for most people. Sorry this is stressin' some people. I am enjoying my first trade and plan on doing more and maybe several at a time if my wsing works as good as I hope.

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I have updated my wish list a bit, I hope to be able to add some more things before the deadline. :) I went ahead and started packing up all the goodies that I had to share. I do however have some seeds left over. I will post the list of leftovers after I go through the list again to make sure I didn't overlook anyone. :) I just have this aching feeling that I've missed some... ???

    Kathy/SC1 (Wonders how many times I can say I! ROFL)

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I have to apologize for sending my seeds already. I thought the dead line was jan 31. But I reread the rules and it seems the seed sending deadline is feb 10. The sign up dead line is Jan 31.

    I will recheck all lists and send more seeds if I find anything that is added that I have.

    Sorry if I got everyone all upset with me.

    I hope that is good enough.


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I stressed it for a while but then as Jaleesia pointed out, I decided So WHAT if I get doubles? I did manage to come up with quite a list of items I either a) want doubles of or b) did not have listed in patty's swap. But if I do get doubles, so what? If I get more than I want, than I can in turn trade those things on the seed exchange or in the april may swap for items I DO still need.

    I guess some people must dislike doubles more than I do? My want list, Nancy, is broken into two sections. Fran's swap, and Patty's swap. That way I could make a want list for this swap, without taking down the one for Patty's if she needed it.

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I have a couple of 'extras' that need homes, nothing terribly exciting yet, but trust me I'll get to those too! (been BUSY sorting my seeds.. my goodness!)

    I have:
    6 offers of Aster 'Crego Mix'
    2 offers of Bachelor's Buttons Double Mixed Colors
    10 offers of BLUE Bachelor's Buttons
    10 offers of Baby's Breath 'Covent Garden'
    2 offers of Seet Peas 'Royal Mix'
    7 offers of Shirley Poppy (asst'd colors)
    4 offers of 'Mammoth' Sunflower
    3 offers of Zinnia 'Lilliput Mix'
    5 offers of Gloriosa Daisy
    4 offers of 'Crackerjack Mix' Marigolds
    2 offers of 'Dwarf French Mix' Marigolds
    5 offers of 'Shasta Alaska' Daisy
    5 offers of 'Old Fashioned Cut Flower Mix' (includes baby's breath, crimson clover, sunflower, cosmos, cornflower, ch. forget me nots, china aster, calendula, garland daisy and love in a mist)
    10 offers of 'Countryside Wildflower Mix' (includes baby's breath, cornflower, crimson clover, 4:00's, Calendula, Ch Forget me nots, Blue Flax, Siberian Wallflower, Common Evening Primrose and Candytuft)
    1 offer of Poppy Oriental Red Perennial
    6 offers of Sweet William
    1 offer of Cosmos 'Sensation'

    Let me know if anyone's interested in any of these.


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    wendy I would love some Baby's Breath 'Covent Garden' and 'Dwarf French Mix' Marigolds

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Dimples31312 (Dorothy) -

    Plenty of white marigolds left. I've packed yours up.


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Connie, I'll put you down for those!