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MAY FOTESS SWAP: Carousel Month (Horses, Fun and Birthdays)

20 days ago
last modified: 16 days ago

FOTESS swaps are for FOTESS members only. If you might want to join in on future swaps, contact me (Jeanne) to find out about membership. Obviously there is no cost to join the group, but we do ask that you join in on the swaps on a somewhat regular basis. We try to keep the postage costs manageable but we all know how costs are these days. Sometimes it will just be postage for a greeting card or occasionally a bit more. This month is a greeting card that includes a bit of your creativity.

Okay, so are we ready for a month of fun in May?

First, the Kentucky Derby. I hope I have the correct list of horses that are running – sometimes there is a horse scratched. Pick one horse (that has not been selected by someone else) and before Saturday I will randomly assign a second horse to you. If your horse comes in first, you win. However, second and third place (place and show) will also get a small prize. However, one prize per person so if you're horses come in 1st and 2nd only one prize, same for 2nd and 3rd. So however you celebrate: big bonnets or mint juleps, just cheer for your favorites. ALL MEMBERS can select a horse even if you're not swapping this month. To choose your horse, just post the name below. Make sure no one else has already selected that horse.

There will be a carousel game. I love carousels and they do involve horses! Again, any member can play this game in May.

And now for the swap! We used to be much better at recognizing when it was someone's birthday. Yes, I haven't kept up with it like I should. Anyway do you remember Alice in Wonderland and the “Unbirthday”? The swap for May will be to send a Birthday (Unbirthday) card to your swap partner. Please add something small on or inside your card that brings to mind her birthday month. So that could be the birthday flower for that month (seeds or a picture of the flower), something that ties in with a holiday or special day during the month of her birthday, a recipe for a favorite birthday cake or however you want to focus on this Birthday or Unbirthday celebration.

Please sign up by May 9th and when you sign up please include your birthday month. Mail by May 18th. Please post when you send and when you receive and post a picture of what you receive if you're able to do that. I'll list the horses running in the Derby in a second post so this one won't be quite so long.

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