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UPDATE: Theme Garden Swap, Final Update

16 years ago

Hi, players - well, I'm maxed out, and there's good news and bad. Good news: your mailers are stuffed, and in the morning I will zip them, write out DC forms, and take them to the P.O. and they will be on their way home to you. That is, (bad news here) if the snow quits enough for me to do so. I lifted my head out of the seed pile finally and found that after what I thought were flurries all day, it seems we have about a foot (maybe?) of new snow on the ground. Yuck. Not going to shovel until tomorrow.

I'll do a little "superlatives" posting tomorrow - some observations along the way in this thing - when I've had some sleep.

Things I feel good about: a lot of you care a lot about each other, which shows in how you picked out things for others. Hey, be fruitful and multiply - the world needs more of you! Most of you should find some real gems in your packets - yesterday I was sure all of you would, so if some of you don't, please talk to me about it - I think we can make it better somehow. I know I gave this a Herculean effort, and I feel good about that - I'm old enough to know you can't win 'em all, but I sure as heck tried!

Things I don't feel so good about: I really haven't figured out an efficient system for this. The "don't want" lists turned out to be largely superfluous - it was easiest for me to leave what other people sent you alone, so if things were sent in on your "don't want" list, they stayed in your packet. I did use your lists, both want and don't want, when pulling from the undesignated seeds and the seeds I added for you. I'm reasonably sure that all of you have more than a couple of things you really, really want, and I'm dead certain you all have a few that you don't. :)

I didn't write any of the nice notes to include in your packets that I have received from other swap hosts/hostesses in the past, and I'm sorry for that. So many of you sent me very special stuff, and I should have included a note, but concert season is upon me (3 in the next 2 weeks), and I just ran out of time. Please know that I totally appreciate all of the effort and kindness you folks gave; it DID make my work easier in the long run.

I am terrible at seed distribution, too - once I have what I think is a sufficient number for a player, and my eyes are getting bleary trying to figure out whether they will like a seed I'm thinking of putting in their packet, or they like it so much they already sent it LOL, I quit. So, once again, I have 3 shoeboxes still full of swap seeds, many of them frankly too premium to be just shipped off to newbie projects without giving you a shot at them first. So, once again, I will - in a couple of weeks, please! - catalog the remainder, and email you - you can then email me with your choices and I will send them to you, and then bag up the remainder - probably for, as Karen is winding down her newbie project for the year, but Trudi's is ongoing. If you sent extra postage and/or extra mailers (um, that would be you, Jase & Julie, among others), you won't need to send me anything for the second round - for those of you who get your mailers back & find either you sent exact or not enough postage, I would appreciate it if you send me additional when round 2 comes around. If you need to know what you sent, I do have a record - I keep the paperwork for awhile - but I'm not one to quibble over pennies.

Looking forward to getting back to WSing - but since my location situation is still up in the air, the fact that I haven't done a whole lot of WSing yet may be a blessing if I have to move and find homes for all those containers.

And speaking of blessings - as much as I know I really can't do this again, and must either pass the torch to someone else next year or give TGS a rest, it has been a real blessing for me to do this. In this year of political change, when we are coming face to face with the state of our country and the world, it is breathtaking to think of what one stranger can do for another and another and another...and thereby be the angels and agents of positive change.

Good night, and may you all have beautiful gardens in 2008.


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