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red carrot, white beet, watermelon radish . . .

15 years ago

Good Morning from the snow blanketed north!

With all my interest in colors lately, you might think that my color vision is acute. Not so - and it was something of a problem when I worked at a rose greenhouse and as a wholesale florist. You can imagine.

I think I'm made curious by the discernment of others and find myself in a shades-of-gray world for too many months each year.

Over on the veggie forum, I took an interest in trying to find larger seed packets for a guy who grew Kyoto red carrots last season. Apparently, he thought that they were a cut above the Atomic Red carrot that is more commonly available. Kitazawa has them and Territorial has a Samurai Red carrot this year.

Does anyone fail to find brightly colored garden produce infatuating?. Only the world-weary eye would be bored with an Easter egg mix of radishes. At the farmers' market this year, a grower had some of Jali's Calliope eggplants. Wow! They sure are pretty.

The new Touchstone beet in Johnny's and elsewhere and that Blankoma beet look tempting. I've tried growing golden beets before with nearly zero germination but Touchstone supposedly has "very good germination." DW claims not to like the purple-red color of regular beets but I'm wondering about white. I mean, would these end up as gray coming out of the pot?

I think we could drift a little far from flavor in a quest for the unusual in color but I find good color stimulating to the appetite! Plant pigments are also, somehow, tied to anti-oxidants and healthfulness. And, about a white color in a carrot, I'd say forget about it. Parsnips are wonderful but the white carrots I grew this year are bland, bland, bland.

How 'bout you, any ideas on unusual veggie colors in the garden for 2008? Any experience in preparing them for the table?


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