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Moved into a vacant house and the roses are driving my crazy

8 years ago

I moved into a house that had foreclosed and the property was vacant for over a year. The roses were like 5ft tall and very bushy. I trimmed them WAY back, but they are still very bushy and send up suckers all over the place. They seem very labor intensive to keep them looking orderly. They have tons of blooms and bloom all summer, but just grow in so thick and have so many new suckers shooting out of the ground and branching off the canes. The flowers are pink and white about 2-3in in diameter. I'll post some pictures from my phone.

Basically I want to know what type of rose it is and if there is any way to make it more manageable before I rip them out. Pruning ever week sucks.

The 3rd picture is after not pruning for 3 weeks and they have filled in a lot. I had them trimmed back into individual plants instead of a solid wall of thorns.

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