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How to have healthy soil & roses, organically?

Hello posters on the Organic Forum:
This is my first year of rose gardening and my roses are immature. I don't use chemical sprays, because I know it's healthier for all, but I don't really have a handle on what to do to prevent or correct problems. The internet is a great resource, but because I'm so new at this, sometimes the information goes over my head! So, here I am, hoping you can help clear some things up.

My Saint Patrick rosebush had two blooms that didn't open and someone on the rose forum suggested it might be caused by botrytis. But what do I do to prevent this? My other roses that are blooming are opening beautifully. I read about gypsum (Calcium sulfate) and sulfate of potash and wondered if this would help my soil and therefore the health of my roses. Also, can you tell me what calcium spray is and under what conditions it is used?

To give you a little more info, I live in zone 8b in southern California. According to the city water quality report, the ph of my water ranges from 7.08 to 8.10 with an average of 7.67. We have very hard water and our soil is on the slightly basic side. We are also in the worst drought in history and rely solely on our piped in water.

I have other questions, but I don't want to overdo it on my first post. Any advice on how to have healthy soil and roses would be appreciated. I'm a busy, working mom, but enjoy having a beautiful garden. Thank you in advance for your help.

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