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Question realted to Rose Petal and Hips

19 years ago

Hi folks,

I am newbie on growing rose to smell,enjoy and to EAT...

I have few questions hope that your, the expert, can give me some info and advice.

1. I know rose hips is good source of antioxidant, can I EAT rose petal? what is the nutrition on the petal?

2. How to do pollination on rose? is it the same way as tomato?shaking the flower?

3. I am growing dwaft variety in container, what is the good size for this variety(don't know the exact name for my variety)

4. I 'think' maybe it is hard for the rose to form fruit in my area, just would like to know, can I eat the petal? not interested to making them for tea.

5. Is it all roses can be eaten?

Thank in advance for those who answer.


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