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Mid October 2012 Pics of My Yard (and some comparison pics

10 years ago

Mid October is here meaning that some plants are dying down while others are looking their best. Here are a few pics around the yard.

Pool area in mid Spring (around May)

Here is that area in June..

Same area this past weekend...

Pool area at one angle in the 3rd week of June

Pool area in September

Pool area this weekend

Allamanda (doing well, but no longer in bloom)

Hibiscus are still blooming strong.

Mandevillas are a lot more tolerant of cooler weather than Allamandas

Madagascar palm was hit by a light frost last spring and it didnt start growing again until nearly July. It has grown really well since though, putting out over half a foot of new trunk.

A look at the Saba and ginger in May of this year...

Here they are now. The ginger has taken off (both the spiral ginger and the alphina, the saba has been a disappointment, but still managed to throw 8 leaves out this year, it did not gain much height though)

Dragon wing begonias are one of my favorite annuals, they dont stop looking great until a frost knocks them down.

This was the front yard in mid February

Here is the front yard in the 3rd week of June

This is the front yard now...

Butia and Frostproof gardenia in March 2012...

Here they are as of this weekend (butia is getting really confined in it's spot so I will take care of that in the spring)...

Knockout roses and lantanas are reliable bloomers this time of the year...

Oleander and Mediterranean fan palm have grown well this summer and are ready for winter

I dont post pics of my queen palm too often since it is pretty neglected, but here it is...

I moved my gigantic plumeria to get it ready to go indoors. I don't know how I will manage to fit it inside. I struggled to get it in the garage for one night.

Surprisingly, the plumeria still has blooms on 2 inflorescences!

My Philodendron Xandu is my favorite plant in this pic. The rubber plant got a pruning so it wont look full again until next year

Majesty palm doing surprisingly well in a dry and sunny spot

The brugmansia didnt even start growing until early July, but it took off after that and is now much larger than ever with plenty of blooms opening up (this is probably its third strong flush of blooms of the year)

Here's one of the brugmansia blooms I caught while it is in between flushes (brugmansias seem to bloom a lot at certain times and then take breaks before blooming again).

Still some crape myrtle blooms hanging on! Tuscarora seems to be a really long lasting bloomer, unlike my other Crape Myrtle, Zuni, which starts blooming late and ends early.

The Livistona is getting more sun now that the elephant ear is starting to get yellow leaves from the cooler weather (and probably from age too).

The solandra maxima grew really poorly last year, I repotted it this spring and it took off. Right now it has an extremely long root that is growing out of the pot and into the ground which is probably part of the reason why it is growing so well right now (it has put over 3 feet of growth in the past month, it's a great plant that makes awesome blooms indoors during the winter if your lucky)

Here's a idea of how things look when they go indoors. This room will be completely filled with plants in a few more weeks, this pic was taken the night that we got near to frost conditions, the plants are back outside again for now.

Anyone know the ID to this tillandsia? It has been making this bloom for the past month now.

And here are just a few pics throughout the year that I liked from the yard...

Thanks for looking!

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