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Kentia Palm: brown/yellow leaves and mushrooms

8 years ago

Dear Forum members,

I have had a Kentia palm for a year now - it looked perfect on arrival, but has been gradually losing shape ever since. I never had a plant before, so I'm sure I am doing something wrong, but I cant seem to find out what!

First, some leaves started browning, then others started yellowing too. Apparently, it doesnt like much water, but I couldnt find a resource which says exactly how much is "not much"...So I started with watering every 3 weeks during winter, as top 1 inch of soil seemed to stay hydrated for this long. In summer I watered weekly, which felt to be just right as the top 1-1.5 inch had become dry by end of the week. Past 2 months I am also using a Palm Focus fertilizer weekly (dosed per instruction), but it doesnt seem to be doing anything.

I am using filtered water. The pot has holes, so I always ensure its drained well.

Over the past 2 weeks 2 mushrooms appeared in the soil. Leaves continue getting brown (both at the tips and in centre) and yellow. Could you share your thoughts on what should be done differently?

Any advice would be highly appreciated!


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