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Cycas-Sago palm, yellow leaf :(

17 years ago


I have a very small indoor sago palm, that I have had for a couple of months. It was pretty much in full sunshine at certain times of the day.I noticed one of the leaves is starting to go yellowish/green.

I have moved it into the kitchen window, which get's light all day but not full sunshine.

What have I done wrong, can anyone advise me?

Should I remove this leaf? Obviously I do not really want to if it doesn't harm the plant, as i know it takes an age to get leaves!(and it only has three so far!)

Also I had put a little shingle on the soil of it's tiny pot, could this cause any damage? Will it make the developing trunk rot or anything?

Sorry for so many questions. it's just it isn't easy to find a sago here & i dont want to lose it.

Thank you in advance.


mandy (UK)

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