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Sago palm was dumped on me

A "sago palm" was dumped on me. It was failing in someones office so they gave it to me because I studied some horticulture in the 1960s.

It looks like the pictures of Cycas revoluta in a pot. It has no stem or trunk. The leaves, if that is what they are called, come up from the potting medium. The lower, outside leaves are yellow. There are some white spots on the green leaves that will come off between my fingers and will crumble up ever so slightly grainy. The potting medium is like the artificial stuff from a sack from a store. The size of the pot and amount of soil seem about right for a houseplant. It is quite dry.

I live in the high deserts. It was 0°F this morning. Unlikely but it may get to 60°F this afternoon. I assume outside is not an option.

What should I do first.

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