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I can't figure out what pest is killing all of my houseplants!

13 years ago

So lately I have really had a pest problem with all my houseplants.

I had a crazy gnat problem but used yellow sticky tape and my butterwort and sundew plants handled the rest.

Then I noticed that the morning glory I had indoors was attacked by spider mites I guess (based on the webbing on the leaves and the really tiny dots I could see walking across the web). I got rid of the morning glory which I'm disappointed about because I was looking forward to it flowering soon. I haven't noticed the webbing on any other plants I have so I assume they spider mites only liked that one plant.

NOW I have a new problem. When I water my plants I notice these tiny whitish bugs crawling all over the soil. Its strange because I think they killed my ficus robusta but I have noticed large populations of them in other plants and they don't bother my other plants at all. What tiny whitish pest can affect some plants but not all plants? I have also noticed them in the pot with my bird of paradise that I grew from a seed last year but its doing fine.

I don't like to use pesticides as I grow all my houseplants organically. I read somewhere on the web that I can use a hydrogen peroxide mixture when I water to kill off the pests but I want to identify them.

If anyone has any input please let me know!!!!!!!

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