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Mouse & Shrew -- What Would YOU Do?

17 years ago

There is one area of my perennial garden where the plants keep dying. I noticed it last year when I planted 2 new plants and they didn't make it through the year (although everything else grew fine). This spring my 2 ascelpias didn't come up although they've been doing great for about 3 years. They were located right in front of those 2 plants that died last year. Lastly, this spring I planted 8 daisies right in the spot where last years 2 plants had been that didn't make it through the summer. One by one they wilted and died.

I noticed small holes around that area, did my research and thought maybe I had voles. I set out 3 mousetraps last night and caught a shrew nearest my plant trouble area. Not far behind I also caught a mouse.

Shrews are probably why my garden has been so free of slugs. But what about the mouse? And who's been actually damaging my plants from underneath? Wouldn't that be the mouse, even though the holes closest to those palnts appear to be from shrews?

The mouse looks like it came from the back corner of my garden where there is a large hole. I always figured it was a combination of a pest and my dirt running off into my neighbors garden because it's on a higher plant. That hole comes back every year no matter how much dirt I fill it with.

Strange thing is that last summer was the first time I've had plant damage and it's continued this year.

What would you do? I don't want to kill the shrews, but I wouldn't mind being rid of the mice.

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