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Favorite Cucumbers and Why Can't I Grow Any?

15 years ago

The goal of this post is three-fold: (1 What are your favorite cucumbers -- for pickling, for eating? (2 Tips for successful growing. I seem to be cucumber challenged. This is nothing new for me. I've been onion challenged, till success with candy onions this year. And I've been bell pepper challenged, till limited success this year planting them in containers. I plan a couple of refinements and I think I'll not be bell pepper challenged after NEXT summer! 3) Do any of you save cucumber seed and is there a trick to this, as seed I've tried to save always seems to flatten out after it's dried and doesn't appear to be mature enough to be viable, even after I've left the cucumber on the vine till it was over-ripe.

My first problem is that I have some trouble getting all the seed to germinate. This year I planted Armenian and a pickling cucumber that SwallowTail Seeds called "Homemade Pickles". The Armenian seed was from SwallowTail, too, and both were grown for this year. So I'm pretty sure the seed was OK. Out of all the seed I planted, I got maybe 6 Armenian plants and about that many Homemade Pickle plants. I planted the Armenian seed in little newspaper pots inside and transplanted into the garden when the soil warmed up by just making a hole in the soil and popping the newspaper pot into the hole. All these plants died. I direct-sowed the Homemade Pickle seeds along the edge of one of my raised beds, where there is a stock panel for them to climb on. The few that actually came up bloomed and made some pickles, but they were shaped like apostrophes and not straight enough to make what I would consider a nice-looking dill pickle. After a very short time, the vines just up and died.

So there you have it. Looking forward to what y'all have to say.... --Ilene

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