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dried beans vs dried peas and corns

9 years ago

plowing my way through the Resilient Gardener book and wrestling through a couple of seed orders for my 2014 Spring that is not a mistake on the date....i am determined to get these seed orders in even though i am running may not be a simple answer to this but do dried beans or dried peas tend to be higher in protein or is it variety specific ?

and i think i have the difference down in my head between flour, flint and dent corns now....

i am working with baker seed and southern exposure catalogs right now.if anyone has a recommendation for dried peas or beans or corns that you have actually grown here in OK i would be grateful.mainly looking for drought resistant in their descriptions.....

and if you will have seed from heirloom non gmo type plants i would be happy to pay for some of your seed.
thank you :)

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