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I shouldn't have done it, but now need help.

17 years ago

I had my eye on a palm in my supermarket and finally bought it on a whim. I have the proverbial "green thumb" and can grow most plants This one I'm not so sure. I found out it is a majesty palm(stupid me, thought it was a kentia),has a lot of new spears and new leaves and the newest fronds just opening are quite yellow, not dry dead yellow but soft, pliant yellow. All of the newly opening fronds are showing this yellow color. I transplanted it into a small tub (very carefully) without disturbing the roots to see if new soil will help the yellowing. It gets bright light all day and morning sun for a few hours. I mist daily and water thoroughly in the shower once a week. It is probably going to die anyway but I'm trying to keep it alive as long as I can Can anyone tell me what is causing new fronds to open up yellow. Could this be a deficiency? They are alive but yellow. I thank you and this majesty palm thanks you!!!


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