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SOIL- to amend or not to amend? That is the question!

9 years ago

Newbie to Oklahoma & to gardening... I've been trying to do a lot of research & reading on how to start a new garden & flower beds.

My mother-in-law insists that I dig up all of my dirt, trash the old dirt, & bring in new dirt for the beds. I've read very mixed reviews on this process. I have red clay soil... Isn't it nutrient-rich (I know better than to amend clay soil w/ sand) ? If I'm planting shrubs & a small tree or two, shouldn't I have some of the original soil so that the plant isn't shocked when it has to send roots under the layer of new amended soil? Part of me can't stand to waste dirt that is thick with little earthworms :)

If anyone has tips from their experience, or articles on research, I'd greatly appreciate it!

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